Baby It’s Cold Outside

Dress: Ted Baker (love ALL of his dresses, lots of pretty options here!)

Earrings, Necklace: J.Crew (old)

Eyelashes: One Two Cosmetics (wearing the ‘Full Coverage Enhanced Lash’ here)

Lips: Chanel

Tights: Target

Faux Fur, Heels: Zara (old, but love these)

Hi, hello, hey hey hey!!! Per the title of this post, it was cold out so I wore tights under my dress and took off my cardigan just for the 1 minute K snapped these photos…then quickly put it right back on :).

Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season still! Sharing what I wore to Christmas Eve at my in-laws house. What’s more festive than red and/or sparkles on Christmas Eve?!

Went the red route this year :). I added a faux fur scarf accent + black & white striped heels to make for a fun and festive outfit..

I decided to get dressed up and do a little glam, as in actually did my makeup which felt nice! Unless I’m going to a party/event I rarely wear any makeup…the perks of working in the Tech world where I can go into work every day in a workout/athleisure outfit…insert jazz hands emoji here.

With that said though, it’s so nice to get dressed up every once in a while. Still glad I don’t have to do so every day though…I’ve done that before for work and it gets exhausting. Props to anyone who does that day in and day out #workit

So it was kind of funny & oh so cute bc I don’t think K was going to dress up originally, but then he saw my outfit, gave me some sweet compliments about how nice I looked and then wore a very dapper outfit himself! #proudwifey

Back to Christmas Eve, we have some fun traditions on Xmas Eve that I love! We have an appetizer dinner (YES all our fave appetizers on one table…it’s one of my favorite dinners of the entire year!), hang out/chat/laugh, play with my twin nieces and have a really lovely evening with family.

Part of our Xmas Eve tradition used to include watching a Christmas movie, but that’s now quite challenging to do ever since the twinsies came along…this year they were watching animated Christmas movies on TV and last year we were forced to watch an animated Frosty the Snowman, haha!

Switching gears but have you seen that meme that’s floating around on Instagram right now (literally I’ve seen it on so many insta’s, but it’s so good) that says:

“That bit between Christmas and New Year where you don’t know what day it is, who you are or what you’re supposed to be doing…” 

^^^^^Well I kind of feel like that in a good way! The days/time seem to blur and go by too quickly yet this holiday season has been relaxing, fun, food-filled and I’ve been able to spend quality time w/family and friends AND not work too much! #victory

I’m going to be soaking up the last few days of 2017, reflecting on this past year and looking forward to ringing in 2018 very soon :)! Are you ready for the New Year?!

xoxo “I LOVE the holidays and won’t be taking down any of our decor until January 1st, 2018!” Sera 🙂


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