Pineapple Print + Gingham

Dress: J.Crew

Sunglasses: Maris DeHart

Sandals: Target

My sister and brother-in-law visited us this weekend and it was so much fun! She’s pregnant (obvs) and is literally the prettiest, most beautiful, pregnant person I’ve ever seen. She looks great and is truly glowing right now :)! We cannot wait to meet the little one so soon!!! I get to be an Auntie once more, which is the absolute best! #auntielife

Wanted to share this colorful pineapple print dress, with pockets (!), from J.Crew which is currently 25% off. It’s so fun for summer, I LOVE the print a lot…like when I spotted it in the store I knew I wanted to wear it right away :).

Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! Sending you lots of positive vibes and love!

xo “Be a Pineapple: Stand Tall, Wear A Crown and Be Sweet On The Inside” Sera 😉

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1 Response to Pineapple Print + Gingham

  1. Elie Ulloa says:

    Love your dress, beaitiful! It’s the perfect summer outfit!! Thanks for sharing the deal 😎🍍

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