Au Revoir 2016!

Looking out of Frame on Black BackgroundThree-quarters BodyHead & Shoulders Portrait on Black BackgroundHair BrushThree-quarters BodyLooking out of Frame on Cream BackgroundThree-quarters BodyLooking out of Frame on Black BackgroundHalf Body

Top: Zara (love this one)

Skirt: J.Crew (now on sale!)

Necklace: Timka Jewelry

Rings: Bing Bang, Custom

Hello Chic Readers!! Happy almost New Year! Can you believe that we’re almost in 2017 already?!?! Where does the time go??? Seriously kind of freaks me out how quickly life/times moves…

My lack of posting has been due to work and life business, not an excuse, but I really miss all of you and sharing/posting here! To be completely honest, we’re not fully unpacked yet even though we moved into our house in May of this year, ha! I haven’t used my camera since we’ve moved :(. Definitely something I’m going to correct in 2017 ;). 

Hopefully you follow me on Instagram though as that’s the best view into my outfits and life currently :).

Today I’m sharing some unpublished photos that I haven’t gotten around to posting which a friend and I took in a studio this past Spring. It was a session primarily for a work headshot but then we had some fun. Although I prefer light and airy photos, I dig the black backdrop for these…they’re kind of moody/dramatic (except when I’m smiling!).

So back to the New Year…2016 definitely wasn’t the best year for our country, or the world, but it was pretty good to me.

I grew professionally and learned a lot in my current job, K and I celebrated our 1st married anniversary (and drank Dom to celebrate! thanks mom and dad!), we bought our first house which was quite the interesting process, went to Vegas for a Bachelorette Party, one of my very best friend’s got married in Napa and we had a ball (Bachelorette Party in Vegas was for her!), we visited Chicago for the first time and absolutely LOVED it, we ventured to Indiana for my cousin’s wedding and got to reunite with my mom’s side of the family which was nice, we took a Hawaiian vacation to Maui and Kaui which was relaxing and oh so beautiful AND, last but definitely not least, spent lots of time & had so much fun with our friends, families and twin nieces!!! See 2016 was jam packed with grand things!

But I’m still looking forward to 2017 and feel very grateful for every single day.

I’d like to increase my mindfulness. To truly live in the moment at all times is insanely challenging! Try it. Although it can be hard, as auto-pilot usually takes over, I want to get better at being mindful in all things I do and to also increase feeling grateful multiple times throughout each day.

Mindfulness and meditation are two things that I intend to really focus on in 2017. Also, I’m extremely grateful for my health, my husband, my family, my friends, their health and happiness, my career and my freedom.

We are so lucky to be alive, for the chance to work hard, to love someone fully without fear and do whatever it is that makes us happiest in this life. Wishing each and every one of you a beautiful New Year filled with success, health and happiness :)! Go chase your dreams…you only get one life to do so.

Cheers to you, to dream chasing and to a wonderful 2017!!!

xoxo “Here’s to a fabulous 2017!” Sera 🙂

p.s. stay tuned for something fresh on “Dress Chic For Me” in the next few days ;)!

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