Soaring Over Napa


Sunglasses: Celine (need these!)

Hot Air Balloon Company: Napa Valley Aloft 

A chronological order in photo form of what my Friday morning looked like last week! It started with getting up at 5 am, confirming that we would be able to fly out for our hot air balloon ride (hallelujah!), organizing a group of 90+ people, grabbing a hot tea and mini pastries, getting into a van which drove us to our launch location and then, then the magic happened!

I should mention that the moon was still out when we arrived at the site of the launch location and daylight was barely breaking…

After being briefed on what would occur while in the balloon, primarily during take off, we loaded up into our basket which fit 12 people and took off. I didn’t expect our ride to be so peaceful, calming and relaxing…seriously it was so zen! Honestly I probably could have meditated up there but didn’t because then I would have missed a few beautiful views and I couldn’t risk that!

The only time I felt like “this is kind of crazy/scary” is when I looked right over the basket when we were probably a few hundred feet high. Once you get super high it’s not really scary…the world around you almost seems fake! It’s weird but awesome at the same time and again really calming.

We cruised up to a casual height of 2,200 feet and soared over the lush green hills of Napa which was legitimately breathtaking. We saw many estates from above (was totally picking out my Napa dream home) complete with their own private vineyards and wine caves (!). I mean I feel like any legit estate needs one of those ;).

The vantage point was unreal and the sun kept rising steadily as we cruised. I relaxed while soaking it all in and not trying to take a million photos. Obviously I took a lot of pics on my phone, but then I made a conscious effort to put it away in order to really enjoy the ride and take it all in sans technology :).

We ended our trip by landing in a dreamy green field, literally just how you would picture it from films/TV shows/books etc. The weather was perfect and it was such a lovely morning and experience.

If you have any desire to take a hot air balloon ride I could not recommend it more! I loved my experience and although it was my first time I doubt it will be my last. I inquired with our pilot where his favorite location to ‘balloon’ is and he told me, “A place where you can fly over ancient ruins like in Turkey, Mexico or Egypt.”

Totally sold! Next time I’m in Cappadocia you know what I’ll be doing…no seriously.

Have you ever gone on a Hot Air Balloon ride?! If so did you like it??? Thoughts?

xoxo “Hooked on hot air ballooning now” Sera 😉

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