Weekend Things


I’ve been under the weather the past few days but am finally starting to feel better! Lots of congestion going on over here…so much fun nose blowing.

Despite feeling sick, I had such a lovely weekend!


Started with a Girls Day with my wonderful mother-in-law and sister-in-law. We got massages/facials followed by a coffee and tea break and then finished the afternoon with a delicious lunch complete with mimosas (mainly champagne with a smidgen of freshly made OJ)!

A big revelation occurred to me this weekend which is: if you’re not feeling great and/or are congested GO GET A FACIAL! It seems counterintuitive since you might be worried that you’ll cough in the middle of it or will need to blow your nose etc. but it would appear it actually helps you.

I somehow made it through an hour facial with no coughing/nose blowing and then was able to breathe the best that I had in about 5 days! They put a minty cream on my face and it made my nose feel fabulous and cleared most of my congestion!

Also, I think the fact that you feel so good in general (even when you’re not sick) after getting a facial helps. I always feel amazing after one with my fresh glowing, au naturel, dewy skin.


I didn’t set an alarm this morning and got to sleep in. So nice! Then K and I had lunch with two of our amazing friends who were visiting from out of town.

We went grocery shopping and it wasn’t crazy crowded which was a big plus and then finished off our Sunday by going to an ice hockey game, which was my Christmas present from K, between the LA Kings and San Jose Sharks. It was my first time at the SAP Center in San Jose and the Kings won in overtime which was so exciting (I’m a Kings fan p.s.)!!

Oh, another fun thing that didn’t happen this weekend but did happen at the end of the week was that I got to tie-dye for the first time since I was like 8 years old!  It was lots of fun, but it was also much more complicated than I remember as a kid.

There’s a whole science/process to doing cool tie-dye patterns complete with special folds, dyes in bottles, an ash powder to pre-soak the items you’ll be tie-dying so the color stays better and so much more. Who knew?! We used to rubber band t-shirts and dunk into bowls of dye when we were little and it worked great!

For this more involved tie-dye process I wore gloves and my hands still got dyed. I was rocking a green thumb (haha, get it?!) and other colored fingers for a few days but all of it is now finally off.

xoxo “Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead!” Sera 🙂

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