Snap, Crackle and Pop


Shirt, Tutu, Hat, Tights: Target

Boots: Cole Haan

Lips: MAC ‘Russian Red’

On this ‘Inspired Wednesday’ although Halloween is now over I still wanted to share my costume with all of you!

I was “Pop” from the Rice Krispies trio “Snap, Crackle and Pop”!

K was “Crackle” and one of our very best friends Lisa was “Snap.” It was such a fun costume & appropriate because when we were all just friends in college (cue before K and I started dating) the 3 of us would hang out quite often and call ourselves the 3 Musketeers. It was almost paying homage to that time of our lives, now in our adult lives.

Our Halloween crew all went in cereal themed costumes and it was a big hit!! I do believe it was a super creative idea (props Dara & Lisa, for suggesting this!). One of our friends was a giant Mini Wheat and everyone was stopping him to take pics/ask him what he was exactly/compliment his outfit etc. We were glad he was a part of our group :).

Fun fact: this was literally the most comfortable costume I’ve ever worn on Halloween. Although we celebrated in SF, which is known for cold weather, I wasn’t cold at all which was surprising (thanks long sleeve t-shirt and tights!). Also, my Cole Haan motorcycle boots with Nike Air are super comfy so these were my obvious shoe choice for walking around in SF in.

The people & costume watching in a big city during Halloween is amazing!! I love it soo much and could have just watched people all night instead of bar hopping ;).

For my outfit, Target was my go to place for this DIY costume. I made the “Pop” part of my hat as well as the “Crackle” part of K’s hat which I sewed onto both hats. Then I used a cup to outline large yellow circles and cut them out to make all of our buttons. All of this was made with construction paper, which is pretty handy.

We had a wonderful Halloween and I hope all of you did too! What did you dress up as?

xoxo “Got to start thinking of my Halloween outfit for next year in a few months already!” Sera

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