Hippie Chic Halloween!

DSC_0701DSC_0702IMG_2568DSC_0721DSC_0718IMG_2559IMG_2628IMG_2637DSC_0735IMG_2663Top: Zara (this one would work well too)

Necklaces: Anthropologie, J.Crew

Jeans,Bag: Forever 21 (similar here and here)

Wedges: Aldo

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Lips: MAC ‘Girl About Town’

Flower Crown: From a Bachelorette Party

Happy Halloween weekend Chic Readers!!! I wanted to post this costume idea before Halloween for anybody who didn’t have an outfit picked out yet because it’s quite simple and you can most likely pull the items you need right out of your closet, but have been super busy so didn’t get a chance to do so :(.

It’s a very straightforward DIY costume though so take note for future parties and/or next Halloween, if you’re a planner!

One of my costumes this year was a Hippie :).

My work hosted an awesome Halloween party on Thursday and I wanted to wear my costume straight from the office to the party so I chose something not too crazy but still fun and festive (dare I say bordering on the normal side?!). Take away the face paint plus flower crown and I basically have worn this outfit before out and about in real life ūüėČ because it’s very boho chic!

To get the hippie look all you need is: flared denim, a flow-y boho inspired top, colorful lipstick (for your lips and to draw peace signs, hearts, flowers etc. on your face!), a flower crown, some long necklaces and voila!

I usually have my hair parted to the side but for this occasion I parted my hair down the center for a more hippie¬†look. Bonus points for fun shades as well e.g. circular lenses, colorful lenses, heart lenses. Also, this is a fun costume because you get to throw up peace signs for pictures (see above) and preach peace and love if you really want to get into character…score!

I’ll¬†be sharing details about my other costume that I wore out on¬†Halloween¬†tomorrow so stay tuned!

xoxo “This is Halloween, everybody make a scene…” Sera

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