Feeling Fall


Pumpkin, Tray: Target (pumpkin on sale now!)

T-Shirt: Nordstrom

Booze: Costco

With the weather finally being a bit cooler in the mornings and nights I’m feeling fall-y!

I picked up this chic decorative pumpkin and pretty gold and mirrored tray from Target recently and I really dig them both :). They’re sitting right by our front door and every time I walk out of/into our apartment I can’t help but think, “Those paired together in that spot look so good!” & they make me happy so that’s all that matters ;).

Onto this cute long sleeved t-shirt that I spotted at Nordstrom this week…it’s Wildfox and so adorable! They always have such fun, and extremely soft, t-shirts & sweatshirts for every season.

Lastly, if you like booze then you need to get to Costco ASAP and do a liquor haul! They have great seasonal beers & ciders right now (seriously soo many good options). There’s lots of pumpkin flavored spirits and fall inspired drinks in general. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re having a Halloween party, Autumn party, want to early prep for Thanksgiving etc. I threw an Oktoberfest themed party at work and the above pic was my haul :)!

xoxo “Weekending is my favorite!” Sera

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