Dress: J.Crew

Heels: Valentino

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Clutch: Target

And back to it! Kicking off this week with the outfit I wore to Kevin’s birthday surprise dinner date that I planned :).

 These beauties are making their first appearance on Dress Chic For Me tonight and I’m in love!!!

I’ve had my eyes on this style of Rockstud (the extra ankle strap ones) for a while now but haven’t committed since I really liked several color/style combinations but wasn’t in love. But have totally been tempted…

Then I saw this new color which appears to be a real metallic gold gold online but in person is so much more!

The color is actually a mixture of rose gold, taupe and silver metallic with gold pyramid studs. It’s basically the best metallic, neutral, will go with anything and everything in your wardrobe, color.  I knew these were the ones I had been waiting for! Patience is a virtue :).

Heel height wise I opted for the kitten heel because they’re more comfortable! Although I do love beautiful high heels comfort is becoming more and more crucial to me and this height is perfect for dressing up or dressing a bit more casual as well.

Also, I adore this summer dress from J.Crew that has a slightly vintage feel (thanks to the print but primarily because of the hemline). The details are too good! It has a rose gold zipper that goes half way down the front, a pretty metallic gold outlined leafy print and POCKETS!!!

I love a feminine chic dress with pockets done right :)!!

xoxo “Wishing you all a wonderful week & coming weekend filled with at least one pretty summer dress” Sera

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