1989 World Tour



Top, Cardigan: Forever 21

Lips: MAC ‘Red’

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and although it may be coming to a close, since it is Sunday night, I’m still in a crazy dance mood which is all because of T.Swift!!!

I saw her in concert on Friday night on her 1989 World Tour and it was amazing!!!!! She played to a sold out arena of 55,000 and then did the same thing the following night for another sold out crowd of 55,000. #sopopular

Seriously if you have not seen her in concert yet GO!! You will not regret it because she puts on a thoroughly entertaining, fun, awesome and high tech show which will leave you feeling so very happy and want to ‘Shake It Off” for several days after experiencing her concert.

One of my besties and I were lucky enough to see her and we both left feeling exhilarated!! I’m not even hyping the concert up, it was THAT GOOD!!! I mean I was already a big Taylor fan before but this concert made me an even bigger one! She’s so genuine, composed, beautiful, funny and cute in real life! Looks wise she seriously could be a model…

Most importantly though is that she is extremely talented and a real performer who truly looovvesss her fans and they love her right back…seriously so much screaming happened all around us during her show (we also contributed obvs)!

Her voice in person is great, she plays several instruments and has really fun & sparkly (so many sparkles!) but classy and appropriate outfits throughout the entire show!! There may or may not be a light up dress involved…game changer! I always pay close attention to the fashion & outfits during a concert 😉 not a surprise to you I’m sure, haha.

Plus the tech side of the show is insane! She had a long catwalk that inclined and then rotated above the audience on the ground level’s heads. And for my favorite part, each concert goer receives a light up LED bracelet (looks like a fit bit) and throughout the entire concert it lights up in various colors at different times to the beat of the music. For example when she sings “Hey!” in Bad Blood (which happens often) your bracelet lights up! It’s seriously so innovative and nifty! Why don’t all singers/bands hand these things out before a concert?!

It really enhances the concert going experience, no joke. It’s breathtaking & oh so cool to see the whole arena light up in different colors, or the same color, and to the beat of the song at the same or various times depending on which song she was singing.

tl;dr ? The takeaway of this post is that Taylor Swift is amazing live (and in general) and puts on a thoroughly entertaining and fun show that will leave you breathless and not with a nasty scar ;). 

^^^ You will only get that last line if you’re a true Swiftie :)!

xoxo “T. Swift fan-girl” Sera

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