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Hello Chic Readers! On this wonderful ‘Inspired Wednesday’ I’m so insanely excited to be sharing lots of lovely photos with you from our magical day at Patara Elephant Farm!!

Patara is a MUST if you visit Thailand & love animals. All caps & italicized is not aggressive at all in that previous sentence because this place is the BEST!!!!! Literally it is worth planning a trip to Chiang Mai just to visit for one day even if you don’t have several days to spare in the city itself.

I’m a huge animal lover and elephant lover so I did a ton of research about elephant sanctuaries that we could possibly visit while in Thailand for our honeymoon. Be forewarned there are bad places that use elephants only for profit but there are also several great places that really do love and care for their elephants wonderfully.

My research definitely paid off because I found Patara. After reading a billion reviews on various travel sites we decided that Patara was the elephant sanctuary for us! Their philosophies about caring for elephants is the only type of place that I want to support.

They rescue elephants, rehabilitate them into the wild if they can, treat them so well and genuinely love every single elephant that is there. These elephants are so happy and healthy and thus you can interact with these majestic animals in a nice and natural environment.

We were “Elephant Owners For A Day” & it was a fantastic, once in a lifetime, extremely unique and special day!!! I highly recommend doing this!!

We got assigned our elephants for the day and I had the pleasure of cleaning, feeding and bonding with not one but two elephants! A mama elephant named Minoo and her baby Tara (phonetically Taraa)!

One of our new friends Emma, who was in our small and intimate group of only 4 including the two of us, that we met at Patara said that she heard that they try to assign you an elephant that’s similar to you. I really believe it after our experience because my mama elephant Minoo was sassy and did her own thing most of the time but also listened to some of the rules. She was truly my spirit animal ;)!! I love her and Tara so much and always will. Also, Tara rhymes with Sera :)! Coincidence? I think not ;)!

Our day was jam packed and the time goes by so quickly it’s crazy. We learned about elephants, what Patara believes in, gathered food for our elephants, fed them, were taught how to tell if an elephant is healthy and happy, how to tell if they’re sick and unhappy/mad, smelled some dung (interesting fact: it doesn’t smell bad!), cleaned them on land, cleaned them in water, rode them bare-back (the most humane way to ride an elephant) through the jungle, bathed with them and gave them delicious fruit treats :)!

I can’t even express just how amazing it is to bond with such a smart and loving animal for a day. Truly priceless. At one point I looked at Kevin and said, “Babe. Marrying you was the best thing I’ve ever done and the second best thing I’ve done is come to Patara!” I mean I was kind of joking…but not really. It’s a magical, spiritual, emotional, physically tiring day in the most beautiful way possible :).

And the babies?! The babies are literally to die for cute and so playful…they love to headbutt you and are so strong even though they seem small when compared to the full grown elephants!

So what are you waiting for? Book those trip to Thailand and if you’re already going email Patara ASAP! You want to email them in advance because they do book up.

xoxo “Take me back to Patara ASAP” Sera 🙂

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