Bon Chic, Bon Genre



Skirt: Leith

Leather Jacket: Zara (old but look at this cute one!)

Necklace: Cocktail Bling 

Bag: Badgley Mischka

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was grand :)! Last Friday I had the pleasure of hearing the lovely Lubov Azria speak and then got to meet her afterwards!!

I have always really liked the brand BCBG and am a big fan of their tops & dresses since they’re beautifully constructed, chic, feminine and made with quality materials. I saw that Lubov would be speaking and didn’t know what to expect but was curious to see this chief creative officer for BCBG Max Azria Group in action.

And boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised! She was extremely well spoken, humble, charismatic and down to earth! Not to mention gorgeous…she wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup at all and was naturally radiant (trust me I saw her up close when we met as I was gushing about how I love her dresses)! She was wearing this amazing jacket from the runway collection ….so lust worthy!

This woman has depth & is a boss lady which I love! She’s the chief creative officer of BCBG, is married to Max Azria, has 6 children (6!!!) and still fits every model before each runway show.

She spoke of her experiences, how she got into the fashion world, what she wants women to feel when they wear her clothes (confident, sexy, beautiful, chic FYI) and we got to watch BCBG’s new Summer 2015 runway show with Lubov commentating on the pieces from the collection as they came down the runway which was awesome!

She didn’t even know that she wanted to be a designer until she was 18 years old and shared an experience with us recounting about how she fell in love with a dress in the window of a high end department store. She had the courage, as a young girl, to march in and try it on in this ritzy place, loved the dress once it was on her body and was twirling around in it thinking about how it was the most beautiful dress in the world only to look down at the price tag and realize that it was $4,000 plus dollars…and this was back in the 80’s. Kind of expensive…and by kind of I mean crazy expensive!

So she left the store without the dress and was feeling down on herself thinking that she wasn’t worthy, didn’t deserve something that nice and was sad that she wouldn’t be able to afford a dress like that ever and that’s when she remembers that she thought to herself if she ever did become a designer she would never want to make women feel like that and would make more affordable fashion. Inspiring right?!

Back to the new summer collection, the pieces are so dreamy and ethereal. Lubov told us that she loves something very feminine and pretty paired with something a bit more tough or masculine. She likes the balance of soft and hard in clothes. She was very knowledgeable and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed her talk and meeting her because she has a beautiful genuine soul. With some people you can tell right when you meet them and she really was just so lovely and inspiring! #girlcrush

xoxo “I love Lubov like a lot” Sera 🙂

p.s. Did you know BCBG comes from the French expression “bon chic, bon genre” which translates into “good style, good attitude”

I love that!!! And there you are, a new fun fact for your fashion knowledge arsenal that you can impress your girlfriends with when you’re all out shopping :). Dropping knowledge!

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