Wedding Nails


Nails: Chloe’s Style

Rings: Custom

Hello hello! You may be thinking that I’m doing a lot of wedding posts recently and you’re completely right…I am!!!

Our wedding day was one of the most magical, memorable, magnificent, aMazing, eMotional (see what I did there…I wanted to stick with all words that start with “M”) days of my entire life and I am so happy and grateful that I got to marry the love of my life and experience it together with our best friends, family friends, other great friends and our 2 insanely wonderful families!!!

It was a day filled with sooo much love and we were surrounded by all of those who we love so very much!! Basically marrying K was honestly the best thing I’ve ever done :)!!! Woohoo for getting married!

Back to the fashion element of my blog/fashion diary. Here are some close ups of my wedding day nails.

I got my nails done 3 days before our wedding and after reading numerous reviews found a place that looked like they did very good nail art on Yelp. I decided to try them out and trust them with making my vision for my wedding nails a reality. I found a picture on the internet, by Googling “Wedding nails”, that I liked and it served as my wedding day manicure inspiration.

A neutral nude shellac color and little crystals at the base of each nail made my hands feel a little glam & fancy. Luckily my manicure turned out beautiful and was exactly what I wanted, which makes sense because I told my nail gal exactly what I wanted and she did a wonderful job :).

The bow was a late addition to my thumb nail when I realized that this salon had so many cute gems, bows and jewels that you could put on your nails! The manicurist busted out a whole try filled with crystals and tiny nail art items so I immediately searched for something cute to put on. I think the bow really added something and it seriously was ridiculously cute in real life with it’s pearls and crystals that were feminine, pretty and quite bridal-y.

Basically it was the perfect addition!

As I was paying the owner Chloe herself told me that she didn’t charge me for the bow and said, “It’s a wedding gift, have a wonderful marriage” which was so sweet of her! That little gem was $8-10 so I got a nice little wedding gift before we even got married ;).

I will definitely be going back to Chloe’s Style for my next mani!


“I may go back and get this almost exact mani for another event” Sera

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