Happy New Year!



Happy New Year Chic Readers!!! Can you believe that it’s already 2015?! Well for us in the states it’s almost 2015…just a few more hours left whereas for those of you in other parts of the world it’s already the New Year!!

2014 was a wonderful year for me and I hope it was for you as well!

Philosophical end of the year musings:  In life there are always hardships, whether big or small, and triumphs! As people we experience agony and ecstasy in many facets of life. What I think is really important to remember is that there is always something to be learned from every single life experience that we have. If you don’t learn anything from an experience then just appreciate it for what it is, nothing less and nothing more. Also, life is meant to be enjoyed & not taken for granted. If you’re reading this then celebrate because you’re alive!!!

If you work hard and stay true to yourself really anything is possible! Obviously I’m an optimist, but I truly do believe that YOU have the power to do & be anything that you want. So if you have a dream start chasing it! Now is the time to do so.

Ok enough of my life musings, personally I’m really really excited for 2015 because I get to marry this stud (^^^) and love of mine in the new year!!!!! I’m so excited for our wedding and all of the wonderful beautiful experiences & things that will be happening leading up to April. So come on 2015 I’m ready for you ;)!

Cheers to health, happiness, love, hard work, fun, pursuing your passion(s), friends, family & living each and every day to the fullest! Wishing all of you the most wonderful year yet filled with lots of love & success!

Happy New {Dream Chasing} Year!!!

xoxo “Sooo excited for 2015” Sera 🙂

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