Inspired Wednesday woo!!! If you’re a DVF lover you will be jealous of this post! So keep reading…. 🙂

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a talk at Google given by  Diane von Furstenberg. She’s the creator of the oh-so-famous wrap dress and a fashion/designer icon! I have a few of her dresses and love them!

The whole experience was awesome but what I enjoyed most is that she’s very intelligent, humble, eloquent and funny in real life! Plus she’s a boss! She literally built an empire by the time she was 30! #respect #inspiration

Also, she seems to be someone who doesn’t deal with BS which is refreshing. She says what she wants and tells it like it is.

She talked about her new memoir out now titled, “the Woman I Wanted to be.”  I picked up a copy and started reading it before seeing her in person and it’s good!  I was crying in the first few chapters and found her story and journey to be quite fascinating.

During her talk she shared some interesting stories, gave some life advice and answered audience asked questions.

In real life she’s very fashionable (which isn’t a surprise) but look at her legs! She was showing off her stems, and rocking it, like it was nobody’s business which I loved! I can only hope to have legs like that when I’m her age ;)!

After her talk she did a quick book signing which was pretty neat.

Keep doing your thing Diane!

xoxo Sera  🙂

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