Casual Chic


 Sweater: Joie/ Jeans, Necklace: J.Crew/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Sandals: Tory Burch/ Lips: MAC

Casual Chic = Classic.

If you’re ever feeling lazy or just don’t want to put too much thought and effort into your outfit for the day here’s a no fail recipe.

Step 1: Choose one of your many cute sweaters and pair with your favorite jeans.

Step 2: Select a shoe that you feel like wearing. They can literally be any style. Flats/wedges/boots/heels you name it you can make it work. The shoe style can change the vibe of your overall look. If you want very casual stick to a flat. More of a glam gal? Add a cute wedge, heeled booties or sandals that have a small heel (like I chose for my look).

Step 3: Add the finishing touch of a statement necklace. This last part is key because it’s the one piece of this outfit that changes it from just casual to casual chic because it pulls the outfit together and looks like you put more effort into getting dressed than you actually did ;). I’m all about that some days!

p.s. the last photo is me showing you guys how I like my sweaters a little longer in the arms so I can cover my hands with my sweater if need be…my hands are always cold though!

xoxo Sera 🙂

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