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My ‘Inspired Wednesday’ post is all about T. Swift’s new music video “Blank Space”! The song itself is so catchy and fun to sing along with but the music video is on another level for two reasons…

The first is that the fashion is so so good in it!!! Literally like super amazing! I’d like one of everything she wears please!! Especially the dresses…I’m lusting over every single dress shown! She supposedly has 21 outfits throughout this four and a half minute music video. Impressive!

My top 3 faves, are the very first 3 gifs I’ve put above. The black sheer lace gown is hands down my most favorite look followed by the completely embellished silver gown and rounding out my top 3 faves is the cream deep v dress with embroidered silver metallic bows all over. These are beautiful, sexy classic designer creations and that blush ball gown with orange, yellow and white silk flowers is straight up couture!

Her fashion game is completely on point and she looks fabulous in everything from crop tops to riding pants. Also, who makes those white sunnies?! Drool worthy!

The second reason why I’m digging the song/video/lyrics is because Taylor Swift is making fun of the image that the media, and thus most people, have of her which is that she’s a crazy girlfriend/ex-girlfriend and that anyone she dates will end up having a song written about them. Sure her inspiration may stem from some of her past relationships but never is a famous male musician criticized the same way that Taylor Swift has been, and still is. Even if a famous male musician were to gather inspiration from past relationships (which many of them do) and write every single one of his songs about it, he would not be called “crazy” and there wouldn’t be talks of how he can’t “make a woman stay with him.” It’s complete sexism and ridiculous. I’ve always really liked T. Swift’s music so I say great work Taylor more power to you!! We need women to support other women regardless of fame and fortune.

So there are the 2 reasons I’m loving everything about “Blank Space”! Also, the dashingly handsome ridiculously attractive man isn’t so bad either ;)!

xoxo Sera 🙂

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