Glam Pumpkins


Pumpkins: Safeway/ Craft Supplies: Michael’s

Today’s ‘Inspired Wednesday’ post is so fun! I’m a big Halloween fan and love to decorate for the season! I bought one of these pumpkins from Safeway in the beginning of October and its been sitting by our fireplace ever since.

Carving pumpkins is super fun but also a lot of work. We carved big pumpkins about 2 years ago and spent all night cleaning, outlining and carving some large and in charge pumpkins. Last year we were moving so I didn’t really get to do any Halloween decor. So I’ve been extra excited this year!

Pumpkins are not just great for Halloween but totally represent Fall in general. I intend to keep these cute smaller pumpkins as long as I can (until Thanksgiving hopefully)!

I wanted to have festive pumpkins sans carving so I decided to give them a makeover and make them glam pumpkins! Best idea ever!!

Actually the best part is that it’s super easy to do and only takes about 15 minutes!

I don’t always craft but when I do there is usually glitter and rhinestones involved ;)!

Here’s how to step up your pumpkin game…

What you’ll need: 

2 Pumpkins

Regular Elmer’s Glue

Gold Glitter

Adhesive Trim (with rhinestones)

How to: 

Glitter Pumpkin

Step 1: Put glue all over the top of your pumpkin. I wanted my glitter to be a little bit asymmetrical and not perfectly halved so I took a sponge brush and spread the glue down the sides of the pumpkin at various levels. It definitely doesn’t have to be precise…unless that’s the look you want then go for it!

Step 2: Pour glitter on your pumpkin!!! This is the fun part! I started from the top and then added some more gold glitter to the sides that needed some glitter love.

Rhinestone Pumpkin

Step 1: Take your trim with rhinestones and cut into pieces that fit your pumpkin vertically from the stem to the bottom. Cut about 6 pieces all the same length (depending on your artistic vision you can space them out more or less totally up to you). I followed the natural lines that cascade down the pumpkin as a reference for the line of the trim.

Step 2: Put a dab of glue close to the stem and hold for 20-30 seconds until it sticks without moving around. Do the same for the bottom part of the trim so it’s not flopping around.

And voilà easiest pumpkins you’ll ever decorate (I guarantee it!)!!! 

xoxo Sera 🙂

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