Favorite Cards





 Mr. & Mr. Groom Bow Ties






Made by Melisa of www.sparkleinyourstep.com

Hello Chic Readers! Today I’m sharing my favorite cards of the moment with you on this “Inspired Wednesday!”  Can you see a trend?

They’re basically all associated with love and/or weddings! My new favorite place for beautiful quality, chic cards is called Sugar Paper based out of Los Angeles. Check out their site here  and be prepared to want to order just about every card.

When I’m on their site I find myself thinking “Well I know someone who will get married/get engaged/have a baby/have a birthday/have an anniversary” all completely likely scenarios (right?!) to justify ordering some of these pretty cards. Plus, let’s be real it never hurts to have some nice birthday cards on hand because you almost always need one of those (or so I keep telling myself!).

Sugar Paper also sent me a sweet handwritten note with my cards which was amazing! It read “Hi Sera, Thank you so much for your order! By the looks of your card choices a  congratulations is in order :)” It was such a kind and simple gesture but it kind of blew me away that they took even 20 seconds to hand write a sweet message like that. To me that’s going above and beyond and made me fall in love with them even more!

So for Kevin’s and my 3 year anniversary I ordered the “You’re My Lobster” card because we say that to each other (a Friend’s reference for those of you who don’t know) so it was perfect :)! I also ordered cards that say “Will you be my Bridesmaid pretty please?” to ask my bridesmaids! They also have one that has “Maid of Honor” in place of “Bridesmaid” on the same card so I got that one for my Maid of Honor, my sister Melisa!

Speaking of her, she is super talented and crafty and makes beautiful cards, magnets, collages…you name it she has probably made it before! Her handmade card of my to be new last name is so beautiful and chic…it’s my most favorite of the bunch :)!

And the “Mr. & Mr.” from Papyrus with the little bow ties may just be the cutest wedding card I’ve ever seen & given to our friends who recently got hitched!

xoxo Sera

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