Today Was A Fairytale

IMG_7472White Dress PhotoIMG_7471

Dress: For Love & Lemons

Happy ‘Inspired Wednesday’ Chic Readers! Eeeeeekkkk I’m getting sooo very excited to share some of our Engagement photos with you all soon which were shot by the lovely Brittany Bowen!

You have to check out her beautiful photos here:  because they’re so wonderful!!! Seriously go check her out now!

She is an amazingly talented photographer and this dress was just too good not to get a few solo shots of during our shoot. Kevin totally understood and was on board with it too…man do I have the best fiancé ever :)!

I kicked off my Valentino Rockstud peep toe heels and got on the base of this huge column barefoot…totally appropriate with the look & vibe of this dress don’t you think?!

So I love the angles of these shots and how Brittany was able to capture the lush greenery with the towering height of the columns…it felt kind of like a fairytale! An enchanted garden of sorts.

The whole shoot was super fun and awesome, filled with lots of love and laughter but I’ll talk more about that once I reveal my fave shots from our Engagement shoot (let’s be real I need a whole post dedicated to just those)!!

Cannot wait!!!! I’m just a little bit excited can you tell?! 😉

xoxo Sera 🙂

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1 Response to Today Was A Fairytale

  1. Liang says:

    beautiful sera!!

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