Striped Bridal Gown


 Dress: Hayley Paige

     Bridal Bliss!!! On this fabulous “Inspired Wednesday” I’m showing you gals & guys a wedding dress that I absolutely love! It’s by Hayley Paige and the moment I put it on I thought “Wow this is so different from what I envisioned myself in but it’s so cool and unique!”

It was a serious contender because it’s a show stopper. How many wedding dresses have stripes?! Plus it’s super comfortable, flattering and I adore the layers especially how they cascade so beautifully in the back!

Hayley Paige dresses are amazing!  Romantic, modern and fun in a fresh way! You can check out her Fall 2014 Collection here: 

Also, can we talk about how beautiful this boutique is?! Swoon! The pictures don’t even do it justice. It’s called Haute Bride and is located in Los Gatos. I’m obsessed with the decor of the salon and not only do they have wedding dresses and bridal accessories but they also make and sell jewelry for everyday life! Think super cute delicate gold necklaces. I highly recommend any bride-to-be who is looking for a dress to check out this salon! Ok back to my wedding dress experience…

My wedding dress hunt consisted of me trying on about 40 dresses and in the end it came down to this beauty (pictured above) and another stunner…but I knew in my heart that the other gown was my wedding dress almost right when I put it on!

To be honest I liked and/or really liked a majority of the dresses I tried on. There were only a few that right away after putting them on I said no to. On multiple occasions I thought, “This one’s pretty, I could get married in it” but what I wanted to feel was “This is it. I have to get marred in this dress!” I didn’t want to settle and knew my dress was out there so I kept looking.

Amazingly Kevin’s wonderful mom was actually the one who found my gown and suggested that I try it on. Let me tell you, if you’ve never been wedding dress shopping before, wedding dresses on the hangers even in the most beautiful boutiques, shops, designer salons don’t really have that much hanger appeal. Most wedding dresses look 100 times better once on a body than on a hanger. When in doubt, try it out/on!

I will let you in on a little secret though which is that I did get “that  feeling”, some say a bridal feeling, from what turned out to be my wedding dress. I had a moment!!! I had never experienced that kind of a feeling/moment with any other of the other dresses (all 39 that is) that I tried on.

When I put my dress on for the 2nd time to verify it was “The One” I cried. It’s the only dress that has ever made me cry in my whole life!  Actually once in the 4th grade I was ironing my favorite pink dress that had short sleeves and a cute white daisy applique in the middle (it had kind of a PG 60’s go go vibe) and I thought everything was dandy but then it turned out I actually had burned a hole in it which made me cry, but because I was sad about ruining my fave dress :(.

My wedding gown is the first dress to make me cry tears of joy!!

I cannot wait to show you my gown…but that’s going to be in May 😉 so still a few months away! You’ll just have to hang tight until then!

xoxo Sera

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