Hat Trick


Dress: Nordstrom/ Hat: Pinar’s (My Cousin)/ Bag: J.Crew/ Necklace: Forever21/ Sandals: Sam Edelman/ Sunglasses: Tory Burch/ Lips: YSL

     Greetings my Chic Peeps :)! Today I’m sharing a great trick of the trade for when you’re on vacation, in the blazing sun, having a bad hair day or simply want to jazz up your outfit then put on a hat! I was experiencing all of the aforementioned when I found a cute little straw fedora at my aunt and uncle’s beach house in Cesme. It turns out it was my cousin’s and I ended up wearing it most of the day!

I love the black chevron pattern and blue ribbon detail of this hat in particular and although I made a cute fishtail braid in the morning, I ended up putting my hair in a low messy bun to stay cool and finished off the look by adding the hat on top.

The sun in Turkey in August is horrendous, like horribly hot and each ray feels like it’s burning your skin after only a few minutes in the sun. I loaded up on that sunscreen all day everyday! If you’re going to travel to Turkey I recommend the spring (I hear fall is nice too) and if you have to book your trip in the summer definitely shoot for the beginning and avoid July and August if at all possible. It’ll make for a much more enjoyable trip weather wise I promise!

Anyways back to hats! A hat is actually the very best way to keep your scalp out of  direct UV rays. How many times have you put sunscreen on your scalp when you’re outside? Probably none (which is bad)! So next time you’re at the pool or beach protect your head/scalp and face with a hat…you’ll not only be skin safe but also stylish!

xoxo Sera

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