Printed Green


Tunic: Francesca’s/ Pants, Necklace & Bag: J.Crew/ Heels: Biondini/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Jewelery: Tiffany & Co., Custom/ Lips: MAC

    Woohoo I’m back in the USA!!! I was lucky enough to take a 2 week long vacation to Turkey! You probably didn’t even know that I was on holiday, but I was :).  Turkey is such an amazing country and I hope you’re ready Chic Readers because the next several posts are going to be showcasing outfits (mainly dresses…surprised? well you shouldn’t be!) I wore while on vacation with some beautiful backdrops!!!

     I think that traveling anywhere is such an amazingly wonderful thing to do, but specifically recommend getting out of your comfort zone by visiting a different country/countries because the more you travel the more you know, learn and are exposed to. International travel will open up your eyes and you’ll have a different view of the world! Don’t get me wrong traveling within the states is great, but everyone speaks English, and although at times certain states can literally feel like a different country from the state that you live in/are used to it’s definitely not the same as going abroad.

     A perk of traveling is that there is tons of inspiration to be found from the natural landscape of a different country to the art, fashion, historic sites, food and culture! I got my love of traveling from my parents at a very young age (I was only 1 when I went to Turkey for the first time in my life!) and really enjoy exploring new countries!

     I brought this pretty green printed tunic to Turkey and surprisingly didn’t even wear it (it was insanely hot so I opted for sleeveless dresses/tops for a majority of the trip). I usually only bring a small carry on bag for vacation…even if it’s for 3+ weeks in Europe, I’m a skilled packer if I do say so myself :). So I basically wear everything at least once, if not more, on a majority of my trips. But what was awesome this time is that I checked a big luggage…and I mean BIG! It’s definitely not what I’m used to for traveling and thus I had about 3 tops (including this one) that I didn’t wear on the whole trip! Weird.

xoxo Sera 🙂

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