Jersey: Target/ Jeans: Forever21/ Bandana: Target/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Heels: J.Crew/ Lips: MAC ‘Russian Red’

     Today’s “Inspired Wednesday” post is dedicated to the World Cup and more specifically to the USA team for being inspirational! For all of the soccer (or futbol) fans out there no explanation is required about why I love summers every 4 years. I’ve grown up watching World Cups with my dad, family and friends and this year have been fortunate to have gotten to watch most of the games (I promise I work too, just utilizing my savvy time management skills 😉 ). It’s such an exciting time especially when your country is competing!

     The American Men’s National Soccer Team has had a really good 2014 World Cup and almost got to the quarterfinals which would have been an amazing accomplishment no doubt but why our team is so inspiring is that everyone counted us out before the World Cup in Brazil even began. We got put in the “Group of Death” and every commentator, analyst, and non-American said that Germany and Portugal would make it out of the group stage and that we didn’t stand a chance. But you know what happened? Something wonderful! The USA played their hearts out, scored several nice goals and surprised the whole world by surviving the “Group of Death” and getting out of the hardest group of this World Cup! Truly inspiring! We unfortunately lost to Belgium yesterday kicking us out of the tournament yet we gave it a good fight and almost came back to tie the game in the last few minutes. It was an insanely stressful game to watch and it’s a huge bummer that we got eliminated but I’m very proud of our team! They were extremely resilient throughout the tourny and our young talent looks promising which is exciting for us for future World Cups!

     To go to a World Cup is on my “Life To-Do List” as I have not attended one yet so I’m hoping that I will get to about 8 years from now :)! Enjoy The Beautiful Game all my soccer aficionados and for those of you who don’t watch now is a great time to start as the matches from here on out should be very exciting!

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