Polka Dots & Pearls

DSC_0364DSC_0332 DSC_0351 DSC_0350 DSC_0357

 Top: J.Crew (old)/ Pants: J.Crew/ Bag: Chanel/ Shoes: Biondini/ Necklaces: Forever21 (wishbone), Ann Taylor (pearls)/ Rings: Vintage, Custom/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Lips: MAC

     Ah I’ve been wearing pants kind of a lot on the blog (and in real life)! Probably because these J.Crew crop jeans are my most favorite pants! These babies have been to Europe and Asia as well as lot of places in California from the beach to parties and everything in between! They get worn very often to say the least. I got them about 3 years ago and after having one pair for about a month decided I needed another pair in the same exact color and style because I was wearing them so often! Now usually I don’t do this but when it comes to denim I’m a believer in the shopping method of buying the same exact item again!  Once you find a pair of jeans that you really truly love and that fit your body nicely plus are very comfortable my advice is “Buy another pair!” To some it may seem silly but in my opinion it’s really not since jeans are such a staple for most people and when your favorite pair of denim is finally getting old, showing some wear and tear and you’re thinking it might be time to donate them or retire them from your closet (but that thought makes you really sad so you don’t want to)…you’re most likely going to be kicking yourself and thinking “Why did I not buy a second pair of these phenomenal favorite jeans of mine?!” Because let’s face it, finding a great fitting style and color of denim can be really tough! If you buy another pair then voila you have a new pair of your favorite jeans ready for you to wear and love for several more years :)!

Right now J.Crew has some wonderful styles and washes that I’m lusting over! Check out their Denim Collection here

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