Jersey: Target/ Jeans: J.Crew/ Necklace: Forever21/ Bag: Chanel/ Sandals: Rainbows/ Sunglasses: Celine

     Happy “Inspired Wednesday” Chic Readers! We’re on our 4th installment of this Wednesday inspiration idea and I’m loving it! I hope you all are as well :)! So this past weekend we went to the San Jose Earthquakes vs. Houston Dynamos soccer game. The Earthquakes play at Santa Clara University and their stadium is very intimate which is great for watching a live game. The players and field is super close which is a nice change from a stadium that can hold thousands and thousands of people. For those of you who didn’t know soccer is a huge part of my life. Whether I’m playing it myself, watching it in person or on television, I love it so much and it’s a huge passion of mine! It’s the most popular sport in the world for a reason….it’s extremely fun to play and to watch! Plus, it’s an awesome workout (if you actually have played you know what I’m talking about)! I’m also a big basketball, tennis and ice hockey fan (big shout out to my dad who watched these sports and let me develop a love for all of them)!

     If you want to be fashionable at a sports game/event it’s easy as pie! My first rule of thumb is to always wear something that is comfortable and weather appropriate. You don’t want to be in a pair of sandals if it’s raining, nor in a long sleeved t-shirt if it’s 100 degrees out! So check the weather the day of. If the stadium you’re going to is indoor then I recommend bringing a jacket with you since you never know when it’ll get a little chilly. Second sports fashion piece of advice is if you own a jersey, or shirt, of one of the teams who is playing wear it! Show your team pride by representing them! Even just wearing their colors will make you feel festive! Hats and scarves are also great team paraphernalia to rock! If you feel too sporty in just a jersey and casual bottoms like shorts or jeans you can always add a pretty bag (like I did), some jewelry and/or a pair of fashionable shoes to glam up your sporty look…just make sure your shoes are comfortable to walk in! Also, who doesn’t love a woman who is into sports?! Answer: Nobody!

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