Eyelet Lace Dress


 Dress: Zara (old)/ Necklace: Anthropologie/ Sandals: Sam Edelman (I like this chunky heel similar version too)/ Bracelets: J.Crew/ Bag: Chanel/ Lips: YSL/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Nails: Essie “Mint Candy Apple”/ Rings: Custom, Nordstrom, Tom Tom

     A lot of people seem to think that wearing a dress = dressing up. This is both true and false, depending on the situation. Of course wearing a special dress to a party, birthday, anniversary, event of some sort etc. is dressing up but the act of just putting on a dress and wearing it out in public doesn’t necessarily mean you’re trying to dress up at all. I like to throw on a maxi dress when I’m not in the mood to really wear any clothes at all and opt to do so because sometimes a maxi dress is even more comfortable than yoga pants and a cute workout top! Astonishing I know, try it sometime and you’ll thank me later! Me wearing a dress is the equivalent to someone else’s affinity for wearing jeans every day. I simply adore dresses and as long as the weather permits I can live in them! Don’t get me wrong I love comfy jeans, minnie pants from J.Crew, leggings when it’s cooler out and such but literally live in dresses especially when the weather gets warm. It’s one piece of clothing, so once you’ve picked out the dress you’re going to wear for the day there is no need to think about anything else! None of this which top looks better with these pants, and vice versa, nonsense! Plus, there are so many styles to choose from! Like this white eyelet lace dress which is perfect for spring and summer! I got it a few seasons ago from Zara but I love the length and flow-y structure which makes it extremely comfortable especially on warm days. My love of dresses can be first seen when I was just a wee little lass in Kindergarten. I had several floral sun dresses (none of which were all that much different from one another except for the colors/prints and most were sleeveless and had pockets in the front) on rotation that I insisted on wearing basically all the time! Needless to say my dress obsession has continued into my adult life and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)!

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