I Choose You


 I want a photo of us holding hands like this at our wedding!


The “Love is…” daily drawings in the newspaper are the cutest

Sara Bareilles Music Video for “I Choose You” watch here

     Today marks my first official Wednesday inspiration blog post!!! I’m going to be calling it “Inspired Wednesday.” I’m super excited and since I am starting to further plan our wedding my inspiration, not just today but basically everyday, is love. Yes L-O-V-E! I’m not just talking about romantic love, I’m talking every single type of love! Being in love inspires me but also the love I have for: my family, friends, co-workers, animals, shoes, nature, art in general, nail art, chocolate, my job, lipstick, working out, reading, babies, learning, baking, taking photographs, the beach, movies, food, soccer and fashion (just to name a few) is really magical and quite wonderful! Truly loving something and/or someone is the best! So I encourage you to tell someone that you love them right now (or actually right after you’re done reading this)! On this love note, I just saw the music video for “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles and think that it’s such a beautiful song and an even more beautiful music video. Props Sara Bareilles this just made me like you even more :)!

Sending you all lots of love :)!

xoxo Sera


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