Bridal Bliss!


     Bridal magazines galore! This is what my Sunday looked like…browsing through bridal magazines while sitting in the sun for a little bit! I’ve always loved weddings in general (what girl doesn’t) but now it’s especially fun that I get to look at pinterest, magazines, websites etc. looking for inspiration for my own wedding! Bridal bliss for sure! The Knot’s magazine, as well as their website, is my favorite! There are seriously so many real weddings to look at, venue lists, dresses, rings, hairstyles, checklists, themes….the whole shebang! Check out their website here: The Knot! I hope you had a wonderful relaxing sunshine filled weekend as well!

xoxo Sera 🙂

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2 Responses to Bridal Bliss!

  1. Congratulations! All the best to you two 🙂

  2. caliloving says:

    Thank you so much Dominique :)!

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