Nails: Sally Hansen Salon Effects 

     Happy Valentine’s Day weekend Chic Readers! Whether you spent it with a significant other, had girls Gal-entine’s festivities or just relaxed I hope you all had a wonderful love-filled day and weekend! I had black and red lace nails for about a week in honor of Valentine’s Day. I think it’s a really fun & beautiful holiday to celebrate since it’s all about love (and not just romantic love)! My mani was perfect for V-Day! These Sally Hansen Salon Effects are literally manicures in a box and can be found at Target, CVS and beauty stores. What makes them great is that they’re super accessible, inexpensive and very easy to apply yourself! They’re basically stickers made out of nail polish and actually do last the promised “up to 10 days”….trust me I had them on last year when we got stuck in NYC during Superstorm Sandy and had a cute manicure for exactly 10 days! I really recommend them for a fun manicure, so if you haven’t tried them I suggest giving them a twirl :)!

xoxo Sera 🙂

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