Sage + Burgundy

20140114-224210.jpg20140114-224203.jpg20140114-224315.jpg20140114-224218.jpgJacket: Veda/ Scarf: Gift/ Dress: Nordstrom/ Necklace: T.J. Maxx/ Bag: Chanel/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Lips: MAC

     Happy 2014 Chic Readers!!! I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating and are already working hard to achieve whatever goals & dreams you may have for this year! So the Holidays may be over but I still love pairing my sage green Veda leather jacket with a bold red lip and my burgundy Chanel bag. The colors do look festive together (especially with the deep red lip) but I think it’s a great look year round and definitely should not be reserved just for Christmas! Now bright green and red on the other hand, well that’s another story…haha! My wonderful mom gave me this Burberry print inspired, super soft  & chic, scarf as a gift and I love it! I’ve been pairing it with everything from maxi dresses (only in Southern California can you wear a maxi dress and scarf with no jacket in winter) to cozy sweaters. I really do like scarfs yet I’m not  a crazy scarf person…but feel like I could be if every scarf was this luxurious ;)!

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