Sweatshirt Glam


Sweatshirt: Forever 21 (similar here)/ Skirt: Forever 21 (old)/ Necklace: J.Crew (new but not online)/ Booties: Dolce Vita (old)/ Jewelry: Tiffany & Co./ Lips: MAC Girl About Town

    Let me start out by saying that I think sweatshirts are extremely comfy and great to lounge around in, go on a hike in, wear to the gym etc. but I am not a sweatshirt girl! So imagine how surprised I was when I left Forever 21 with this casual sweatshirt as my only piece purchased. That’s right ladies and gentleman I can still randomly surprise myself and it’s a good feeling! I definitely know what I like when it come to fashion having worked in the industry, primarily with designer clothes and accessories, doing personal styling for over three years and definitely have a strong sense of my own style. Yet, I saw this simple gray and black striped (which looks like a newly designed equal sign to me!) sweatshirt and thought “I dig this, and don’t have anything like it!” I grew up playing soccer and tennis so always had team sweatshirts, then in college joined a sorority and accumulated even more sweatshirts, but in my adult life I’ve never really had a need, or desire, for one.

    The trick to making a simple sweatshirt fashionable is all in the way you choose to style it. I paired mine with a pretty printed skirt, a J.Crew jeweled necklace and then to really glam up this simple sweatshirt, added a pair of edgy open toed gold studded lace up booties. I love this look because there is a lot going on with each style element on their own but they all come together so nicely to make a really fashion-forward cohesive outfit. A little bit of casual mixed with a little bit of sass & femininity makes me love sweatshirts so much more than I ever have!!!

    The best part is that a cute sweatshirt can multitask in your wardrobe as: a) the obvious casual piece (day off, when you get home from work, running errands, thrown over a pair of jeans etc.) b) a piece to dress up (my look above, would also look awesome with a pair of coated denim or leather pants, a leather skirt, patterned pencil skirts etc.) and c) a workout piece (to throw over your running/yoga/pilates/tennis outfit on the way to and from the gym when it’s cold). So versatile wouldn’t you agree? And right now there are so many fashionable sweatshirts to choose from! Try Forever 21 for extremely affordable options and  J.Crew for higher quality (and price point).  J.Crew has several amazing embellished and luxe looking sweatshirts…they have made glam sweatshirts which I love! It’s time to go get a new fashionable sweatshirt, or bust out the one you haven’t worn in a while and get creative styling it in a fun new way!

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