Dream Naeem


Dress: Naeem Khan (in love with this one too!)/ Shoes: Celine

     Dream Naeem, the title of this post, basically sums up how I feel about this dress…it’s definitely a Dream by designer Naeem Khan. Khan, who is extremely talented, has made dresses for everyone from Michelle Obama, to Beyonce to J.Lo! This dress is completely hand beaded and actually quite heavy on yet still surprisingly comfortable. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is so precise and truly exquisite! And the effect when you walk?!  Breathtaking!!! The beaded fringe moves so fluidly…it’s a really wonderful sight! This is a fabulous dress for anyone looking to stand out at a party or event and for any sort of bridal occasion (rehearsal dinner, a 2nd dress change during the reception etc.), heck I would make up any excuse just to wear this dress out if it was mine! On my blog every single article of clothing, bags, shoes, hats, jewelry, sunglasses, makeup…everything seen is my own! The one and only exception (thus far) is this dress in this precise post! I decided to post this look simply for fashion inspiration. And although I would love to own this one of a kind dress with it’s price of $5990 it’s just a little out of my budget 🙂 but anyone who loves fashion and a glitzy dress can appreciate this flapper glamorous garment!

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