Dress: Nordstrom (super old)/ Shoes: Sam Edelman (sold out but love these similar wedges)/ Bracelet: Forever 21/ Rings: J.Crew, Forever 21, Nordstrom/ Sunglasses: Tory Burch / Lips: MAC

     Finally the weather in SD has cooled off! We were having crazy humid and hot days which seriously felt like New York/east coast weather for the past two weeks! I’ve been living in light airy dresses to keep cool and this cute tri-colored geometric print dress is perfect for hot weather! It has a low back, drops a little low in the front as well, and gives me some nice side-boob action without being too much. I love this dress a lot and it’s a prime example of how fashion a) always repeats itself and b) sometimes it’s alright to hold onto something you really love even if you haven’t worn it in a VERY long time (the key word here is SOMETIMES).  The reason I shared that advice is because- if you can believe it Chic Readers- I bought this dress when I was in 8th grade!!! *Gasp* I know I know! It’s crazy that it even fits me but the reason why it probably does is because it was the very last one and I loved it so much that I bought it even though it was technically a size too big. It is a baby doll dress so I could get away with it. I had to wear a tank top underneath it to make it age appropriate back then 🙂 but I seriously have only worn this dress twice in all the years I’ve had it, which is crazy! I have held on to it every time I’ve cleaned out my closet because of the affinity I have for the print, style and colors used. It looks unique and could be a boutique/vintage piece. Now I am going to be getting lots of use out of this easy breezy fun dress!

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2 Responses to Tri-Colored

  1. ashley says:

    Love the low arm cut on this dress!

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