Double Trouble

20130908-143118.jpg20130908-143123.jpgDress: Forever 21 (recent)/ Bag: Chanel/ Shoes: Sam Edelman/ Rings: Nordstrom/ Lips: Chanel

     Hola chic readers! Today’s post is an example of high-low mixing at it’s finest. Whether your wardrobe consists of bargain buys, designer digs, or a combination of the two (like me) there are always ways to mix and match price points tastefully. I’m a sucker for beautiful back details especially when it’s an open back of some sort so there’s no surprise that I recently walked out of Forever 21 with this great dress find! I was really excited to wear it out for my boyfriend’s birthday dinner at Truluck’s (if you’re ever in San Diego I highly recommend trying it), a delicious steak and seafood restaurant in La Jolla. It’s been so extremely hot and humid recently here in SD so I kept my jewelery simple, threw on my favorite summer wedge glam sandals and then upped the style factor of this outfit with my classic Chanel.  A beautiful bag can really work wonders on a simple chic outfit!

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