Floppy Hat Fun


Dress: Nordstrom/ Necklaces: Nordstrom (Lion), Urban Outfitters (Love Compass)/ Hat: Forever 21/ Bag: Urban Outfitters/ Bracelet: Forever 21/ Ring: Vintage/ Shoes: Rainbows/ Sunglasses: Chanel

     To celebrate this being my 50th post (wow time sure does fly when you’re having fun!) I decided to treat you all to an outfit that is made by the one accessory that I’m not always crazy about…a hat! Sure hats are great for practical reasons like keeping your face out of the sun to protect your skin, keeping you cool on an extremely hot day, covering up your unruly hair on a bad hair day etc. but they can also be simply for fashion and nothing more.  There are so many options to choose from whether you favor a baseball hat, fedora, beanie, cowboy hat, floppy hat, or any other type of hat that I have failed to mention , or all of the above, the options for making outfits with different hats is unlimited. For my own personal style though (97% of the time) I don’t usually feel inclined to grab a hat for my outfit/look. I believe that other accessories are much more important for an outfit. Yet I do have a few hats that I really love and this is one! I got this pretty floppy gold specked sun hat at Forever 21 several years ago before going to Jamaica for a spring break trip with my girlfriends! It has traveled with me through various airports as a carry on, has shielded my face from the blazing Vegas sun and has relaxed with me (while making a fabulous fashion statement) on some of the most beautiful beaches in Negril. It has been a great “hat companion” for me and I don’t think I will ever get rid of it! Plus how cute does it look with just a simple maxi and some fun accessories?!

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2 Responses to Floppy Hat Fun

  1. ashley says:

    I feel the same way about hats sometimes! Maybe you can make a fun blog challenge for yourself in accessorizing with this hat or other hats for x number of days a week/month.

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