Collection Cafe Capri


Top: Zara/ Pants: J.Crew (also love these)/ Bag: Urban Outfitters/ Heels: Valentino/ Necklaces: Forever 21 (Mint), gift from my parents (gold heart)/ Rings: Nordstrom/ Lips: Bobbi Brown (Bikini Pink lipstick with Peach 3 Brightening Lip Gloss on top)/ Nails: Revlon (Lilac Pastelle)

I have a good amount of pant variety in my closet but have never had a gilded jacquard pant until very recently. Thanks to J.Crew these new beautiful gold and sea foam blue shiny pants now have a home in my closet! While out shopping with my mom (who is often my own stylist) I spied the last pair of these pants in the sale area and knew I had to try them on. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know if they would look that great on because I do have thigh muscles (thanks to soccer, lifting weights and working out in general) and didn’t know if the gilded jacquard fabric would look too bulky in my thigh region. However, I also knew that they had the potential to look great on because I usually love the way J.Crew’s cafe capri fits! One of my motto’s while shopping is, “When in doubt, try it out!” You don’t lose anything by trying something on. Think about it: there’s not a charge, the salesperson will willingly put you in a fitting room and if you try it and dislike it then you don’t have to buy it. Also, the best part of trying something on that you think you’ll love but then actually don’t is that you get peace of mind whereas, (and we’ve all been here) if you’re too lazy to try it on or “don’t have time” then you leave the store/mall and are still thinking about that one piece and wondering if you made a mistake by not trying it on. And you know what? You did because a) it could have looked amazing and you would have left happy with a great new piece or b) it could have been not that cute on, not had the right fit, didn’t wow you etc. and you would have nixed it out of your mind and not had to think about it anymore.

So even though I was feeling a little bit lazy about changing out of my outfit I knew I needed to try these beautiful jacquard pants on because of the little bit of “doubt” I had. Once I put them on I was very pleasantly surprised that they fit me perfectly! They were the last pair in the store and happened to be my size so it was meant to be! One of the best feelings while shopping is when you find a cute piece and are really unsure about how it will look or think it will only look so-so but you still want to try it on (again you have a little bit of “doubt”) and once you do it actually looks amazing and fits you to a “T”!  Excitement and triumph are usually the feelings that follow since you took a risk of trying something on that you were unsure of and it paid off! So remember chic readers, “When in doubt, try it out!”

p.s. my shopping motto can be applied to many things in life (not just for trying on clothes) such as relationships, jobs, new experiences etc. Some food for thought on this lovely Tuesday 🙂

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