Chanel Classic





Dress: Rag & Bone/ Bag: Chanel/ Necklace: Forever 21/ Heels: YSL/ Sunglasses: Chanel/ Lips: YSL

      My classic Chanel bag has now officially made her debut on Dress Chic For Me!!! Hooray! This black caviar leather, gold chain beauty has been my dream bag for several years. When I actually decided I was serious about buying this bag I was semi-shocked that I couldn’t just place an order but instead had to be put on a wait list for almost a year before one glorious Sunday when I was informed that she had arrived! Chanel as a corporation obviously knows what they’re doing and in fact are ingenious because they have significantly limited the amount of “classics” available at their boutiques in order to keep them extremely coveted by customers. If I was a luxury designer/brand I would do the same exact thing (it’s very smart on the business end, but frustrating on the customer end)! I will admit that I am quite infatuated with my Chanel because of the impeccable construction, attention to detail and quality (obviously!).

p.s. I refer to my bag as a “she” because she is much too glamorous and chic to be a “he” or “it.” Silly? Perhaps, but I do love her so 🙂

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1 Response to Chanel Classic

  1. missmelis says:

    You look so beautiful!! Love the bag and love your look! Can’t wait to see “her” make an appearance on your future posts!

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