Parisian Pretty


Top: McGinn (old)/ Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft (old)/ Blazer: Urban Outfitters (old)/ Shoes: Zara/ Lips: YSL/ Rose: From my own garden/ Jewelery: Tiffany & Co.

      There is something so Parisian chic about black and white stripes with a deep red lip. Just by wearing this outfit makes me feel like I should be transported to the city of lights and love! I’ve been to Paris several times throughout my life and always find it very charming with its great sites, rich history, tasty food, delicious wine, beautiful architecture and of course amazing fashion and super fashionable residents. In Europe I love observing the locals’ daily life and one of my favorite things to see while people watching is a glamorous European woman dressed impeccably in a pair of heels, most often stilettos, on a vespa. “How in the world does she do that?!” is what I always wonder and then that same woman will park her vespa and walk on cobblestone streets still in her heels/stilettos which boggles my mind even more! I have seen this numerous times while in Paris, parts of Spain and Italy and let me tell you, it’s quite a feat! My hat is off to you European ladies who do this. Fortunately, I do not have to ride to work or dinner on a vespa in high heels nor walk on cobblestone streets. I drive my car instead and fortunately (or unfortunately?) there are no cobblestone streets in San Diego which probably makes both my stilettos & feet very happy. But, any other way in which I can channel those fashionable Parisians, with my own twist of course, is just fine by me!

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