Paradise Pink


Dress:Leith/ Silk Kimono Dolman Sleeve Cover Up: Anthropologie (old)/ Necklace: Forever 21/ Shoes: Michael Kors (old)/ Jewelery: Tiffany& Co./ Lips: Bobbi Brown

     Let me start out by saying that this dress is fantastic!!! Everyone should have at least one  basic, comfy, solid color dress because it’s a complete staple. If you don’t, or just think this one is super cute and want to add one (or two!)to your collection like I did, then check out this link which shows the four other colors it comes in! I bought it in black as well and could not be happier with having one real neutral and one pop of color. Sometimes it can seem silly to buy the same exact piece in a different color (or two) or to even buy a few of the same color, however, in all my shopping and wearing experience I have found that you should almost always do so when you find a piece that you know you will definitely get a ton of use out of and is comfortable on right from the get go. Because let’s be real, when those basic pieces that are your most versatile are old and can no longer be worn you know you’re always legitimately sad and kick yourself while pondering, “But why did I not buy at least two pairs of those jeans that make my butt look insanely good and fit me to a T?!” You’re going to wish for a time machine to go back to that Saturday afternoon you were out shopping and happened to stumble upon them, or had to try on more than 20 pairs just to find the “ones”! This has happened to me all too much in the past, but now I’ve learned. I know exactly what I like and I can tell how much I’ll use the piece right when I put it on! Knowing I would get a ton of use out of this dress led me to get two! I paired my dress with a detailed long gold necklace and a very fine silk kimono dolman sleeve cover up giving it an ethereal summery boho-chic vibe. Pair it with a leather jacket and high heels for a sexy date night, or night out on the town with girlfriends. Then do a complete 360 and pair it with a longer cardigan and boots for an edgy fall look! The possibilities are endless and after writing this post I’m now considering getting it in navy…!


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1 Response to Paradise Pink

  1. Ashley says:

    I see many great outfits adorned with that necklace. Love it!

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