Floral Flush


Dress: J.Crew/ Jacket: Zara/ Necklace: J.Crew/ Shoes: Charles David/ Lips: MAC Girl About Town/ Nails: Pixie Neon Pink/ Rings: Tiffany & Co. and Vintage

    The name of this post was inspired by a “royal flush” because it is the most coveted hand to get in poker which is how I feel about this dress…if shopping was poker. After looking at all the full price pieces in J.Crew and not loving anything (crazy right? I know! But this does happen to me from time to time) I randomly happened upon this silk floral print strapless dress and to my delight it was a) very on sale b) the last one in the store and c) my exact size…it was the “floral flush!” I really do enjoy a good pun 🙂 Not only do I love this print but I especially love the colors used because they are so vibrant! Without my little yellow jacket this look is perfect for going to a luncheon, bridal shower, baby shower, or afternoon event.  Throw on a big hat and you’re ready for the horse races (opening day at Del Mar is coming up soon ladies!) basically very versatile. But, the look is transformed with my little yellow jacket for a more professional, yet still fun and classy, feel. So don’t be afraid of experimenting with color! Try putting different colors with an even brighter color…pops of color are always in style and you just might get a “floral flush” of your own!




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