Bohemian Bliss


Dress: Solitaire by Ravi Khosla/ Necklace: Forever 21 (old)/ Belt: H&M (old)/ Shoes: Charles David/ Rings (left to right): a gift from a dear friend with my favorite Gandhi quote on it, a treasured good luck snake I got in Athens Greece, a turquoise ring that goes way back so not sure of where I (or my sister?) bought it

      This is my new fabulous find dress of the month! I found it at T.J.Maxx in Aliso Viejo and it was a steal! I’ve never heard of the brand/designer before but that’s the beauty of fashion isn’t it? A non-name brand designer can make a beautiful dress and with the right accessories it looks like a boutique piece! I love the vintage vibe and boho chic look of this dress. It’s super comfortable and I accessorized it with gold and turquoise accents a la my necklace, belt and wedges. As for jewelery I’m not afraid of mixing metals. Some people really hate putting gold and silver together, but I’m not one of those people! My necklace is gold and turquoise but my rings are silver. They go together nicely since the turquoise pop of color on my middle ring ties back to my necklace. Viva la (chic) vie boheme!







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1 Response to Bohemian Bliss

  1. missmelis says:

    Such a gorgeous look! Stunning! xoxo!

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