Hat Trick


Dress: Nordstrom/ Hat: Pinar’s (My Cousin)/ Bag: J.Crew/ Necklace: Forever21/ Sandals: Sam Edelman/ Sunglasses: Tory Burch/ Lips: YSL

     Greetings my Chic Peeps :)! Today I’m sharing a great trick of the trade for when you’re on vacation, in the blazing sun, having a bad hair day or simply want to jazz up your outfit then put on a hat! I was experiencing all of the aforementioned when I found a cute little straw fedora at my aunt and uncle’s beach house in Cesme. It turns out it was my cousin’s and I ended up wearing it most of the day!

I love the black chevron pattern and blue ribbon detail of this hat in particular and although I made a cute fishtail braid in the morning, I ended up putting my hair in a low messy bun to stay cool and finished off the look by adding the hat on top.

The sun in Turkey in August is horrendous, like horribly hot and each ray feels like it’s burning your skin after only a few minutes in the sun. I loaded up on that sunscreen all day everyday! If you’re going to travel to Turkey I recommend the spring (I hear fall is nice too) and if you have to book your trip in the summer definitely shoot for the beginning and avoid July and August if at all possible. It’ll make for a much more enjoyable trip weather wise I promise!

Anyways back to hats! A hat is actually the very best way to keep your scalp out of  direct UV rays. How many times have you put sunscreen on your scalp when you’re outside? Probably none (which is bad)! So next time you’re at the pool or beach protect your head/scalp and face with a hat…you’ll not only be skin safe but also stylish!

xoxo Sera

Be Yonce

beyonce vmas red carpet

(Image via huffingtonpost.com)

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Today’s “Inspired Wednesday” post is all about Beyonce!!!

I haven’t done a post like this ever before because I don’t love celebs. I know our generation has an obscene fascination with famous people whether famous for an actual talent or famous for basically doing absolutely nothing (I’m looking at you reality stars).

Yet, I do kind of love when a celeb I like or really like is a) fashionable & chic b) talented and c) seems like a decent to good person. For those reasons I love Beyonce!

I love Queen B for her fashion especially on red carpets, at the Met Gala and award shows. Point b, she is insanely talented…she has a wonderful voice, is naturally really pretty and has got moves for days dance wise! A complete entertainer with depth! But perhaps most importantly is point c, the fact that she seems like a pretty down to earth and nice person. In reality maybe she’s not and hey that’s ok.

I also like her because of her drive and crazy work ethic.

Anyways this isn’t a love letter to Beyonce from Dress Chic For Me :) (or is it? haha) instead I want to highlight her fashion choices from this past Sunday’s VMAS (which I didn’t watch to be quite honest)! I watched a little highlight video of some of the performances but what I did watch in its entirety is all of Bey’s epic performance which is long but super entertaining!

I recommend watching it and if you haven’t watched it yet don’t worry here’s a link:  http://jezebel.com/watch-beyonces-entire-flawless-vma-performance-1626427480

Basically she killed it! She slayed not only her performance but also on the red carpet.

So can we talk about her fashion choices?! Love all 3!

The first dress she wore on the red carpet was a sheer black gown by a designer named Nicolas Jebran, who I’ve never heard of but may need to know if he makes gorgeous gowns like this!

The second look of the night for B was an insane custom Tom Ford bodysuit encrusted in tons of crystal. Like tons!! Glitzy and glam to the max! It seriously looked so beautiful on her body and was a great choice because it sparkled and glimmered throughout her entire performance. She danced her derriere off in it!

She ended the night in her “Press Room Dress” which was phenomenal. Would you expect anything less?! No you shouldn’t. Zuhair Murad knows a thing or two about designing stunning gowns and this burgundy beauty with sheer sides & beading is super sexy yet tasteful! This gown definitely didn’t disappoint.  I want to wear it right now!!

Basically I think Beyonce is wonderful not only because she is extremely fashionable, talented and beautiful but because she seems real. If this realness is an act then she’s nailed it!

She seems to be a woman who is strong, sensitive, humble, unapologetic for who she is (in a great way), independent, compassionate, is/does sexy in a classy way, likes to get super glammed up yet also likes to be casual and do minimal makeup when not directly in the spotlight, is flawed and yet “flawless” all at the same time! Props B!

“Bow Down B******”

Also, if you love Beyonce you should check this t-shirt out and probs order it!

Printed Green


Tunic: Francesca’s/ Pants, Necklace & Bag: J.Crew/ Heels: Biondini/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Jewelery: Tiffany & Co., Custom/ Lips: MAC

    Woohoo I’m back in the USA!!! I was lucky enough to take a 2 week long vacation to Turkey! You probably didn’t even know that I was on holiday, but I was :).  Turkey is such an amazing country and I hope you’re ready Chic Readers because the next several posts are going to be showcasing outfits (mainly dresses…surprised? well you shouldn’t be!) I wore while on vacation with some beautiful backdrops!!!

     I think that traveling anywhere is such an amazingly wonderful thing to do, but specifically recommend getting out of your comfort zone by visiting a different country/countries because the more you travel the more you know, learn and are exposed to. International travel will open up your eyes and you’ll have a different view of the world! Don’t get me wrong traveling within the states is great, but everyone speaks English, and although at times certain states can literally feel like a different country from the state that you live in/are used to it’s definitely not the same as going abroad.

     A perk of traveling is that there is tons of inspiration to be found from the natural landscape of a different country to the art, fashion, historic sites, food and culture! I got my love of traveling from my parents at a very young age (I was only 1 when I went to Turkey for the first time in my life!) and really enjoy exploring new countries!

     I brought this pretty green printed tunic to Turkey and surprisingly didn’t even wear it (it was insanely hot so I opted for sleeveless dresses/tops for a majority of the trip). I usually only bring a small carry on bag for vacation…even if it’s for 3+ weeks in Europe, I’m a skilled packer if I do say so myself :). So I basically wear everything at least once, if not more, on a majority of my trips. But what was awesome this time is that I checked a big luggage…and I mean BIG! It’s definitely not what I’m used to for traveling and thus I had about 3 tops (including this one) that I didn’t wear on the whole trip! Weird.

xoxo Sera :)

Call It Magic


Dress: Nordstrom/ Kimono: Anthropologie (old)/ Neckalce: J.Crew/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Shoes: Biondini/ Lips: MAC ‘Rebel’

     This outfit just makes me happy and kind of puts me in the mood for Fall (in California at least), especially when paired with a deep rich purple lip!

Turquoise Statement


Dress: Target (old)/ Necklace: Forever 21 (old)/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Shoes: Aldo

     Keeping it simple today on Dress Chic For Me today! A strapless silky maxi dress with a fun print and even more fun ruffles on the bottom which make me wanna twirl and dance (see 4th pic from top)! Even just walking in this dress is so much fun because the bottom has lots of movement and almost looks like liquid silk every step I take! Pair a bold print maxi dress with a colored statement necklace and you have a great outfit for either day or night!

xoxo Sera :)

La Vie Bohème


Top: Forever 21/ Pants: Little Boutique in Santa Barbara (can’t remember the name!)/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Necklaces: Blackmail, J.Crew/ Shoes: Aldo/ Bag: J.Crew/ Bracelet: Lydell/ Rings: TomTom, Custom/ Lips: MAC ‘Girl About Town’

    I’m really really into white pants as of late…très chic no? And there you have your daily dose of French words for the day :)!

Vacation Mode


Dress, Hat: Forever 21/ Necklaces: House of Harlow, J.Crew/ Cuff: House of Harlow/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Bag: Cynthia Rowley/ Wedges: Aldo/ Lips: Tarte

     If this outfit doesn’t scream vacation then I don’t know what does! My best girlfriends got me this maxi dress several years ago for one of my birthdays when we were still in college…even back then they knew my style spot on! I love the plunging neckline, the colorful print and how boho chic it is…plus if you’ve been reading Dress Chic For Me, and/or know me in real life, you probably are familiar with the fact that I love an interesting/sexy back design so obviously I love the back of this dress!

xoxo Sera :)