Luck of the Irish


 Dress: Zara Europe (old)/ Cardigan, Necklace: J.Crew/ Sandals: Tory Burch (love these wedges)/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Rings: Custom, TomTom/ Lips: MAC ‘Girl About Town’

Happy St. Patrick’s Day party people! Literally though, I bet lots of you are out drinking some beers right now as you should be :)! I almost forgot to wear green today but luckily remembered before leaving the house so that nobody could pinch me/tell me that I forgot to wear green!

I got this pretty little flutter sleeves silk dress when I was studying abroad in Europe (I think I grabbed it from the Zara in Barcelona…there were too many Zara Spain/Europe shopping trips to count!). It’s uber comfy and the perfect canvas to pair with a great statement necklace. I’m rocking green with lots of gold accessories today, the gold accessories are the norm for me though let’s be real, to get the luck of the Irish!!

Hope the rest of your night is filled with fun, the color green, beers & luck!

xoxo Festive Sera :)

My Beautiful Bridal Shower

image (10)IMG_6800IMG_6899IMG_6790image (5)IMG_6793IMG_6815IMG_6900IMG_6792image (11)IMG_6833image (4)

Top (actually a dress): D&G Dolce & Gabbana/ Skirt: Bailey 44/ Heels: Valentino (similar sandal version)/ Jewelry: Custom/ Hair: Cristiam Alfonso/ Makeup: Makeup by Shelby

Hi everyone! Tonight I’m sharing some pics from my Bridal Shower!!!

It was literally the most beautiful and sweetest Bridal Shower there ever was! I’m sure a lot of brides-to-be feel that way but honestly it was such a lovely afternoon surrounded by lots of awesome ladies!! K’s mom flew down to attend so that was extremely special (shout out to Darlene!) and a lot of family friends who I don’t really get to see anymore also came which was very nice!

My mom and sister beautifully decorated our house and the attention to detail was amazing!!! Seriously I was swooning over the gorgeous ATD! They’re both very crafty & could sell a plethora of things on ETSY and/or be event planners so they had everything covered from garland and paper lanterns hanging in the garden to big diamonds decorating the tables to lots of glittered items, pretty floral arrangements all around, pictures of K and I, our wedding invitation beautifully framed & displayed and last but definitely not least a delicious candy bar (which I don’t have a picture of…shoot!).

There was food, drinks, games, sweets, laughs, tons of talking and catching up (I almost lost my voice) and lots of presents! Like a lot. I feel like I probably spent at least an hour opening presents! Seriously, but I’m not complaining :).

It was a go go go day but was so wonderful! Everyone is genuinely excited & very happy for us & our upcoming wedding!

I feel extremely blessed & lucky to have such great & loving family friends/good friends/best friends & for my family who spent a lot of time and effort planning such a phenomenal Bridal Shower for me. Thank you very much Mom & Melisa :)!!! You two are the best!!

Also, I get to marry the man of my dreams in 20 days…eeekkkk/wooohooooo!!!!!!!

xoxo Bride-To-Be Sera :)

Inspiration on a Tuesday


Inspo Tuesday! Switching things up a bit since technically tomorrow is when I share my “Inspired Wednesday” post but I feel like doing it tonight so I am!

Also, Happy March! This is my first post in this glorious month so here are some things that are inspiring me and making me happy right now…. :)

1) Gave K this book for Valentine’s Day

2) My favorite tote bag strikes again!

3) Saw this gorgeous whole rainbow in a sun shower on my way home from work yesterday…it literally went from end to end!!! It’s something you don’t get to see often and is pretty special. Plus, I think it is lucky ;)

4) My favorite new reusable gold metallic “party” bag!

5) A stormy yet calm day spent at Laguna Beach

6) My Bridal Shower outfit (will do a post dedicated to this soon with deets!)

7) A cute casual t-shirt I picked up from Forever 21 with a great quote on it, “Love More Hate Less.”

xoxo Sera :)

Illusion Neckline


 Sweater: Forever 21/ Tunic: Target/ Leggings: Ann Taylor/ Boots: Cole Haan/ Bag: YSL/ Rings: Tiffany & Co., Ireland/ Lips: MAC ‘Girl About Town’

Found this cute & super comfy black tunic with an illusion neckline at Target a few weeks ago and I love it! It has high slits on each side and it actually is a sheer lace top (so technically I made the illusion neckline myself) but to make it everyday/work appropriate I paired it with a black cami underneath.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and that today was a good start to your week :)! This week is my Bachelorette Party so I’m sooooooo (!!!!!) very excited to be reunited will all of my amazing friends & bridesmaids!!! Woohoo!!!

xoxo Sera :)

Flower Crown


Dress: Solitaire/ Wedges: Stuart Weitzman/ Belt, Rings: J.Crew/ Flower Crown, Necklace: Forever 21/ Lips: MAC ‘Girl About Town’

Happy “Inspired Wednesday” party peeps! Finally sharing some of the photos from the magical creative photo shoot that I did with Brittany Bowen of

I’m sharing a good amount of the photos (but not all of them…for real there’s more!) because seriously I’m kind of in love with all of them :)! Not in a vain way just in a “Holy moly these are beautiful” thanks to Brittany being a kick a** photographer & having a wonderfully artistic eye!!

I went for a very boho-chic look because let’s be honest if I could wear a lacey dress and flower crown on my head every day I would!  Plus, it looks very ethereal and totally worked for our shooting location.

Hope you like them and feel inspired for the rest of the week :)!

xoxo Boho-Chic Sera ;)

I Love You


Top: Forever 21/ Pants: J Brand/ Leather Jacket: Rick Owens/ Bra: Free People/ Necklace: Urban Outfitters (old)/ Sunglasses: Chanel/ Boots: Rag & Bone/ Lips: MAC ‘Russian Red’

Hello Chic Readers!!! Sorry that I’ve been a little MIA, planning a wedding is crazy! Been super busy but have a new outfit to share today! Several things I’m loving & wearing quite often right now:

1) This flowy pleated chiffon accordion top because the red is a beautiful true red and the movement is so cool!

2) A fun sexy crochet bra perfect for Valentine’s Day (and all other days!)!

3) I’ve recently rediscovered this “Eye Heart You” necklace which I’m digging. It was sitting in my jewelry organizer and I haven’t worn it in a really long time so I’m sure it’s happy to be out and about!

This red top is seriously a steal though. Even if you don’t love the color red/wearing red definitely check it out as it also comes in white! I literally love wearing the color red year round and that’s probably why I really enjoy Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the 4th of July (among a lot of other reasons)! But seriously there’s tons of red around for these holidays which is the best! It’s such a vibrant, sexy and powerful color. Why do you think I’m obsessed with red lips?! Haha.

Plus it’s the color of love and passion and who doesn’t like those things ;)?

Hope you are all getting ready for Valentine’s Day…it’s quickly approaching!

xoxo “I Love You” Sera :)

Boho Chic Sneak Peek


Dress: Solitaire

Belt, Rings: J.Crew

 Necklace, Floral Headpiece: Forever 21

Wedges: Stuart Weitzman

 Lips: MAC ‘Girl About Town’

Happy Monday Chic Readers! Things have been super busy with our wedding countdown currently at 60 days!!! Wooohoo! Time is flying and I’m so excited!!! Also, this month is kind of the ‘kick-off’ of lots of fun bridal/wedding events for me including my Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower!

Today I’m treating you to a sneak peek of a boho chic creative photo shoot I did this past weekend with the wonderfully talented Ms. Brittany Bowen. I’m going to post the pictures next week so look out for those, but in the meantime you can enjoy a few shots from my iPhone :).

xoxo Sera