Do you like these inspirational photos & sayings I made for you?! Well the 2nd one isn’t inspirational…it’s just me kissing you all and saying “Happy Thanksgiving!”

This special ‘Inspired Wednesday’ post is dedicated to, you guessed it, Thanksgiving!!! I’ve been counting down the days (since last week FYI) because it’s one of my most favorite holidays! Let’s be real what is better than delicious food & hanging out with family & friends?!

Not a whole lot in my book!

I think it’s very important to be thankful for what you have each and every single day. Each day is not guaranteed so really take life in every single moment you can!

Are you healthy? Be extremely thankful!

Are you happy? Be really thankful!

Do you have a roof over your head, food for meals, clothes on your back and a job? Be really ridiculously thankful!

These are crucial to living a good life. The list can go on and on from big things to small things and everything in between. I personally am so very thankful for a million different things.

What I am by far most thankful for (other than the points listed above) are the amazing, intelligent, funny, fiercely supportive, loving and constantly inspiring people in my life who make me a better person and enrich my life x 100000000. From my friends, to my fiance, to my family I am so fortunate and would like to give each and everyone one of you a huge hug right now for simply being the best. Thank you for being you!

To my Chic Readers who follow, read and support my blog…thank you for partaking in this fashion journey with me! I hope you like my style diary and Inspired Wednesday posts (like this one!) of things other than fashion that inspire me :)! You are awesome and I appreciate each and every one of you!!

So cheers to a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! I hope you celebrate with your loved ones and eat lots of delicious food (my Thanksgiving food faves are: turkey, mashed potatoes, corn bread, pumpkin pie and lots and lots of gravy)!


Sera :)

Cowgirl Inspo

DSC_0147DSC_0139 (2)DSC_0143 (2)DSC_0150DSC_0162DSC_0133DSC_0136

Shirt: J.Crew/ Sweater: Forever 21 (I also like this one)/ Skirt: Leith/ Necklaces: J.Crew (combined 2)/ Ring: TomTom/ Bag: Chanel/ Booties: Sam Edelman (on sale now!)/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Lips: MAC

Happy Monday y’all! I’m saying y’all to embrace my cowgirl inspo for this outfit ;).

To be quite honest I wore this outfit to work today and didn’t think I looked necessarily that cowgirl-esque until my observant fiance told me that I looked like one! I laughed and really loved his comment since I actually was channeling my inner cowgirl a bit but with a touch of chic. The Chanel Dallas Collection may be partly responsible too, haha!

I’ve highly enjoyed fringe & cowgirl boots ever since I was a little girl. When I was 5 years old I had pink cowgirl boots with fringe and glitter (pretty sure they were from Target) and I loved those things like nobody’s business! I would rock them with floral dresses that had pockets…was already mixing and matching prints &  pairing different style combos together even back then apparently!

My next pair of cowgirl boots came in college when I bought a cute brown pair from Forever 21 for a themed dress up party…oh college sorority days how fun you were and how you make me laugh :)!

These fringe cognac Sam Edelman booties though are my fave cowgirl-esque boots to date! They are perfect for my wardrobe. They’re super comfy, a great color that matches literally everything and just fun to wear! I love the fringe on them like a lot a lot!! It makes walking that much more fun!

Once a fringe lover always a fringe lover!

xoxo Sera :)

All Black Everything


 Top: Calvin Klein (old)/ Jacket: Zara/ Jeans: Citizens/ Booties: Nine West/ Rings: Tiffany & Co./ Clutch: Nordstrom/ Sunglasses: Chanel/Lips: MAC

I usually don’t wear all black everything outfit-wise but sometimes like doing so. Black is a very chic and incredibly versatile color. It’s not gothic or “gloomy” dressing when done right. The key is to incorporate some color into an all black ensemble. Adding a pop of color, and it doesn’t have to be a bright color, will keep an all black outfit from being drab. In this case I chose silver details on my jacket, booties, bag and jewelry and then added a hot pink pout and blush to give my face some color.

xoxo Sera :)

Sugar Paper


Planner: Sugar Paper for Target / Polishes: Sally Hansen, Essie

Greetings lovely Chic Readers! You may remember that I talked about my favorite cards of the moment in this post a few weeks ago. One of the stationery brands I mentioned is Sugar Paper and it’s one of my favorite places for cards.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I saw some ridiculously cute planners at Target, proceeded to walk over to have a closer look and discovered they had “Sugar Paper” labels! Sugar Paper has teamed up with Target!!!

I walked away with the gold metallic polka dot daily planner (shown above) because it’s so cute and the perfect size for my daily planning needs. It took a good amount of self-control not to walk away with 3 planners (of different sizes obviously!) haha. Seriously though their planners and calendars come in several colors, sizes and chic prints. I love that the aesthetic is modern, minimal & classic but still interesting.

It actually looks like they’re already sold out of some items on Target’s website here. But have no fear you can take a look on Sugar Paper’s website & see the whole collection here. But be aware the same exact items are a bit more expensive on Sugar Paper’s website…just an FYI for you all. Time to head to Target ;).

xoxo Sera :)

Casual Chic


 Sweater: Joie/ Jeans, Necklace: J.Crew/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Sandals: Tory Burch/ Lips: MAC

Casual Chic = Classic.

If you’re ever feeling lazy or just don’t want to put too much thought and effort into your outfit for the day here’s a no fail recipe.

Step 1: Choose one of your many cute sweaters and pair with your favorite jeans.

Step 2: Select a shoe that you feel like wearing. They can literally be any style. Flats/wedges/boots/heels you name it you can make it work. The shoe style can change the vibe of your overall look. If you want very casual stick to a flat. More of a glam gal? Add a cute wedge, heeled booties or sandals that have a small heel (like I chose for my look).

Step 3: Add the finishing touch of a statement necklace. This last part is key because it’s the one piece of this outfit that changes it from just casual to casual chic because it pulls the outfit together and looks like you put more effort into getting dressed than you actually did ;). I’m all about that some days!

p.s. the last photo is me showing you guys how I like my sweaters a little longer in the arms so I can cover my hands with my sweater if need be…my hands are always cold though!

xoxo Sera :)


DSC_0229DSC_0190 (2)DSC_0222DSC_0234 (2)DSC_0206 (2)

Cardigan: Love Stitch/ Dress: Nordstrom/ Necklaces: Blackmail, Haute Bride/ Ring: TomTom/ Leggings: Ann Taylor Loft/ Boots: Sam Edelman (on sale now!)/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Lips: MAC

When it starts to get cold I’m all about staying warm, being comfortable and looking fashionable all at the same time (not in that particular order necessarily, but actually maybe in that order? haha!).

Long cardigan sweaters are one of my most favorite clothing items for fall and winter because wearing one is just like wearing a blanket. For real…if you don’t have one go shopping for one ASAP! I’m in love with this tribal printed one I found in Del Mar, San Diego over a year ago. The asymmetrical draped front detail is chic and the print is interesting but not too much.

Get ready for more long cardigan sweaters to make appearances on Dress Chic For Me soon ;)!

xoxo Sera :)

Blank Space

Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor SwiftTaylor Swift

Gifs from:

Music Video:

My ‘Inspired Wednesday’ post is all about T. Swift’s new music video “Blank Space”! The song itself is so catchy and fun to sing along with but the music video is on another level for two reasons…

The first is that the fashion is so so good in it!!! Literally like super amazing! I’d like one of everything she wears please!! Especially the dresses…I’m lusting over every single dress shown! She supposedly has 21 outfits throughout this four and a half minute music video. Impressive!

My top 3 faves, are the very first 3 gifs I’ve put above. The black sheer lace gown is hands down my most favorite look followed by the completely embellished silver gown and rounding out my top 3 faves is the cream deep v dress with embroidered silver metallic bows all over. These are beautiful, sexy classic designer creations and that blush ball gown with orange, yellow and white silk flowers is straight up couture!

Her fashion game is completely on point and she looks fabulous in everything from crop tops to riding pants. Also, who makes those white sunnies?! Drool worthy!

The second reason why I’m digging the song/video/lyrics is because Taylor Swift is making fun of the image that the media, and thus most people, have of her which is that she’s a crazy girlfriend/ex-girlfriend and that anyone she dates will end up having a song written about them. Sure her inspiration may stem from some of her past relationships but never is a famous male musician criticized the same way that Taylor Swift has been, and still is. Even if a famous male musician were to gather inspiration from past relationships (which many of them do) and write every single one of his songs about it, he would not be called “crazy” and there wouldn’t be talks of how he can’t “make a woman stay with him.” It’s complete sexism and ridiculous. I’ve always really liked T. Swift’s music so I say great work Taylor more power to you!! We need women to support other women regardless of fame and fortune.

So there are the 2 reasons I’m loving everything about “Blank Space”! Also, the dashingly handsome ridiculously attractive man isn’t so bad either ;)!

xoxo Sera :)