Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy (belated) Thanksgiving Chic Readers!!!

I hope you had a wonderful day and long weekend filled with lots of: quality family time, friends, fun, football, love, laughs and delicious food!

We got to celebrate Thanksgiving down south with my family and had such a wonderful time!! I love this holiday so much because I get to spend time with my loved ones and eat tasty food that I usually don’t eat other than at Thanksgiving dinner, cue the cornbread and pies!

I also appreciate this holiday since it reminds people to be thankful for what they have. Whether that’s the people in your life, your health, your career, your personal freedom, material goods, fresh air, the ability to travel, a house, having food at every meal, pets, etc. or a combination of many of these things, sometimes it’s easy to take things for granted.

Personally, I practice gratitude every single day and I’ll let you in on a little secret (probs not so secret if you already do this) it’s proven that people who practice gratitude daily are happier people who live healthier lives overall. I usually start my day thinking positive & good thoughts while I’m getting ready for work or while in my car on the way into the office :).

We all can get caught up in life (totally normal!) whether it’s personal issues or work/environment stresses but I think it’s very beneficial for one’s well-being to try to take a step back when things seem too crazy, or too busy, or even flat-out bleak. When I do this, it turns out the issue I’m dealing with usually isn’t that crazy at all! Putting things into perspective helps me solve problems.

It can be simple too, definitely doesn’t have to be complicated. For example, just taking the time to walk outside, sans looking at my smart phone, and allowing myself to think whatever thoughts are going through my mind at the time always makes me feel grateful/better/happy! It’s “me” time around nature and it’s pretty calming! Try it ;).

This quote just gets it, “Life is full of give and take. Give thanks and take nothing for granted.” There are so many beautiful & wonderful experiences, things and adventures to be tried and had in life and we should not forget it! #dailygratitude

Ok, on an unrelated to gratitude note, I think I need a bit of a food detox this week (anyone else feel me? Salads for many upcoming meals probably) since we also visited Santa Barbara and San Diego this past week and ate out for every lunch and dinner. We basically had to though since there are soo many good places to eat at in San Diego!!

Will do a food & fashion recap of our trip down to Southern California this week so stay tuned for that ;)!

xoxo “In all things give thanks!” Sera :)

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Festive Layers


Top: Nordstrom (this one’s also cute!)

Necklace: J.Crew

Cardigan: Forever 21

Rings: Bing Bang & Custom

Life has been suppppeeerrr busy! All good things but legitimately crazy busy! Also, the weather has turned very chilly and I’m currently surviving by layering long sleeves with sweaters for the daytime and adding a coat on top for the evenings.

I mixed this black and white plaid long sleeve top by Sam Edelman with a red Forever 21 cardigan yesterday and felt very winter/cozy weather festive.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far! I don’t know about you, but I’m getting so excited for next week since Thanksgiving is right around the corner!!!

xoxo “I need more layers…and am currently wearing 3!” Sera

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Dark Florals


Dress: Forever 21 (love a short version like this too!)

Necklace, Cuffs: J.Crew

Sandals: Tory Burch (similar here)

Bag: Target

Sunglasses: Nordstrom (similar here)

Lips: Stila ‘Hot Pink’

There’s something about a black floral print dress that is so pretty to me! The pinks, blues & greens here really pop on the black background.

The fit and flow-iness of the dress is very boho chic and paired with pretty details such as the subtle flutter sleeves & floral detailing along the neckline make it very sweet…but the color keeps it from being too sweet!

xoxo “A dress like this also is a great transition piece from summer to fall” Sera :)

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Snap, Crackle and Pop


Shirt, Tutu, Hat, Tights: Target

Boots: Cole Haan

Lips: MAC ‘Russian Red’

On this ‘Inspired Wednesday’ although Halloween is now over I still wanted to share my costume with all of you!

I was “Pop” from the Rice Krispies trio “Snap, Crackle and Pop”!

K was “Crackle” and one of our very best friends Lisa was “Snap.” It was such a fun costume & appropriate because when we were all just friends in college (cue before K and I started dating) the 3 of us would hang out quite often and call ourselves the 3 Musketeers. It was almost paying homage to that time of our lives, now in our adult lives.

Our Halloween crew all went in cereal themed costumes and it was a big hit!! I do believe it was a super creative idea (props Dara & Lisa, for suggesting this!). One of our friends was a giant Mini Wheat and everyone was stopping him to take pics/ask him what he was exactly/compliment his outfit etc. We were glad he was a part of our group :).

Fun fact: this was literally the most comfortable costume I’ve ever worn on Halloween. Although we celebrated in SF, which is known for cold weather, I wasn’t cold at all which was surprising (thanks long sleeve t-shirt and tights!). Also, my Cole Haan motorcycle boots with Nike Air are super comfy so these were my obvious shoe choice for walking around in SF in.

The people & costume watching in a big city during Halloween is amazing!! I love it soo much and could have just watched people all night instead of bar hopping ;).

For my outfit, Target was my go to place for this DIY costume. I made the “Pop” part of my hat as well as the “Crackle” part of K’s hat which I sewed onto both hats. Then I used a cup to outline large yellow circles and cut them out to make all of our buttons. All of this was made with construction paper, which is pretty handy.

We had a wonderful Halloween and I hope all of you did too! What did you dress up as?

xoxo “Got to start thinking of my Halloween outfit for next year in a few months already!” Sera

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Hippie Chic Halloween!

DSC_0701DSC_0702IMG_2568DSC_0721DSC_0718IMG_2559IMG_2628IMG_2637DSC_0735IMG_2663Top: Zara (this one would work well too)

Necklaces: Anthropologie, J.Crew

Jeans,Bag: Forever 21 (similar here and here)

Wedges: Aldo

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Lips: MAC ‘Girl About Town’

Flower Crown: From a Bachelorette Party

Happy Halloween weekend Chic Readers!!! I wanted to post this costume idea before Halloween for anybody who didn’t have an outfit picked out yet because it’s quite simple and you can most likely pull the items you need right out of your closet, but have been super busy so didn’t get a chance to do so :(.

It’s a very straightforward DIY costume though so take note for future parties and/or next Halloween, if you’re a planner!

One of my costumes this year was a Hippie :).

My work hosted an awesome Halloween party on Thursday and I wanted to wear my costume straight from the office to the party so I chose something not too crazy but still fun and festive (dare I say bordering on the normal side?!). Take away the face paint plus flower crown and I basically have worn this outfit before out and about in real life ;) because it’s very boho chic!

To get the hippie look all you need is: flared denim, a flow-y boho inspired top, colorful lipstick (for your lips and to draw peace signs, hearts, flowers etc. on your face!), a flower crown, some long necklaces and voila!

I usually have my hair parted to the side but for this occasion I parted my hair down the center for a more hippie look. Bonus points for fun shades as well e.g. circular lenses, colorful lenses, heart lenses. Also, this is a fun costume because you get to throw up peace signs for pictures (see above) and preach peace and love if you really want to get into character…score!

I’ll be sharing details about my other costume that I wore out on Halloween tomorrow so stay tuned!

xoxo “This is Halloween, everybody make a scene…” Sera

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Pumpkin + Rockstuds

IMG_2529 Heels: Valentino

Dress: Target (similar here)

Because pumpkins go with everything :).

xoxo “2 of my favorite things paired together, oh my!” Sera

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Pumpkin Patch

IMG_2446IMG_2478IMG_2443IMG_2430IMG_2400IMG_2451IMG_2418IMG_2441IMG_2406Hat, Bag: Forever 21 (similar bag here)

Shirt: Sam Edelman (similar here with sequins!)

Pants: Hudson

Boots: Rag & Bone

Sunglasses: Chanel

We did a family pumpkin patch outing yesterday which was so much fun!! And so appropriate for the season. Doing autumn, inspired activities really gets you in a fall feeling mood! Also, wearing plaid helps too :). Always.

My twin nieces just turned 1 and are having the best time simply walking around everywhere we go! We let them walk about, but we also went on a hay ride, saw lots of cute kids (met another set of little twins dressed as Superman & Clark Kent!), checked out the really awesome pumpkins, bought some of these aforementioned really awesome pumpkins and took some pics ;)!

They had a great selection of pumpkins (soo many different kinds/colors/textures/shapes) to take home. The best part though is that this pumpkin patch isn’t one of those pop-ups on the side of a street, but instead it’s out in the middle of nowhere farmland which I loveeee! The property also has the prettiest sunflower fields which left me swooning!!

xoxo “Good thing I LOVE pumpkins, I could do this all day!” Sera

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