Our Dream Wedding!!!


Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 6.48.40 PM

Videography: Campbellicious

On this beautiful “Inspired Wednesday” I’m sharing something very personal and dear to me…our dream wedding!!!

You’ve seen my outfits, my travels, some of my friends and family on Dress Chic For Me as well as various aspects of my wedding journey/adventure. From planning to my wedding dress search to my Bridal Shower you’ve been here every step of the way and I want to thank you for that :)!

So it’s only right to share our wonderful highlight wedding video with you as well so you can see us in action ;)!

It’s really cool to plan something for over a year and then see it all come to life on one incredible day!

Planning our wedding was a LOT of work, I’m not going to sugar coat it. This is a honest, truthful blog where I share my real feelings with you all!

But all of that hard work and the blisters (luckily no blood), sweat & tears was totally worth it to have our dream wedding and my wedding vision come to life! I would do all the planning over again in a heartbeat if that meant we could relive our wedding day again…luckily we basically can with our wedding video, no more planning required ;)!

Campbellicious was our wedding videographers and they were so great!! Check them out if you’re a bride-to-be! I love KC’s ability to capture natural and organic moments throughout the entire day. He truly is an artist with a great eye who totally knows what he’s doing! Trust him to capture your wedding on film and you will not be disappointed!

Literally every time I watch this video I feel transported right back to that amazing, dreamy, best day ever day where I got to marry the love of my life!!!!!

When we got engaged Kevin and I would half jokingly (half not) talk about eloping/having a very small wedding/a destination wedding/going to City Hall…basically every possible option to keep it simple and easy (and cost effective).

Yet, for us personally none of those options would have been as good as our large and awesome celebration of love that we were so fortunate to have as our perfect wedding in La Jolla!!!

It was a big, fun, emotional, joyous party filled with: tons of dancing, delicious food & drinks, great music, sweet speeches & most importantly all of those who love us and that we love so!!! All of our friends and families together in one place from all over the world & US there to celebrate with us was truly amazing for us to witness and be a part of!!!

We are extremely lucky to have had the full support, love and help from both of our fab families because without them this wedding could not have happened. Thank you to both our moms, dads and siblings :)!! We love you all so much!!!

So without further ado here is our wedding highlight video. Enjoy :)!


xoxo “Wishing you all a lifetime of happiness & love!” Sera


Bon Chic, Bon Genre



Skirt: Leith

Leather Jacket: Zara (old but look at this cute one!)

Necklace: Cocktail Bling 

Bag: Badgley Mischka

Happy Monday everyone! Hope your weekend was grand :)! Last Friday I had the pleasure of hearing the lovely Lubov Azria speak and then got to meet her afterwards!!

I have always really liked the brand BCBG and am a big fan of their tops & dresses since they’re beautifully constructed, chic, feminine and made with quality materials. I saw that Lubov would be speaking and didn’t know what to expect but was curious to see this chief creative officer for BCBG Max Azria Group in action.

And boy oh boy was I pleasantly surprised! She was extremely well spoken, humble, charismatic and down to earth! Not to mention gorgeous…she wasn’t wearing a lot of makeup at all and was naturally radiant (trust me I saw her up close when we met as I was gushing about how I love her dresses)! She was wearing this amazing jacket from the runway collection ….so lust worthy!

This woman has depth & is a boss lady which I love! She’s the chief creative officer of BCBG, is married to Max Azria, has 6 children (6!!!) and still fits every model before each runway show.

She spoke of her experiences, how she got into the fashion world, what she wants women to feel when they wear her clothes (confident, sexy, beautiful, chic FYI) and we got to watch BCBG’s new Summer 2015 runway show with Lubov commentating on the pieces from the collection as they came down the runway which was awesome!

She didn’t even know that she wanted to be a designer until she was 18 years old and shared an experience with us recounting about how she fell in love with a dress in the window of a high end department store. She had the courage, as a young girl, to march in and try it on in this ritzy place, loved the dress once it was on her body and was twirling around in it thinking about how it was the most beautiful dress in the world only to look down at the price tag and realize that it was $4,000 plus dollars…and this was back in the 80’s. Kind of expensive…and by kind of I mean crazy expensive!

So she left the store without the dress and was feeling down on herself thinking that she wasn’t worthy, didn’t deserve something that nice and was sad that she wouldn’t be able to afford a dress like that ever and that’s when she remembers that she thought to herself if she ever did become a designer she would never want to make women feel like that and would make more affordable fashion. Inspiring right?!

Back to the new summer collection, the pieces are so dreamy and ethereal. Lubov told us that she loves something very feminine and pretty paired with something a bit more tough or masculine. She likes the balance of soft and hard in clothes. She was very knowledgeable and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed her talk and meeting her because she has a beautiful genuine soul. With some people you can tell right when you meet them and she really was just so lovely and inspiring! #girlcrush

xoxo “I love Lubov like a lot” Sera :)

p.s. Did you know BCBG comes from the French expression “bon chic, bon genre” which translates into “good style, good attitude”

I love that!!! And there you are, a new fun fact for your fashion knowledge arsenal that you can impress your girlfriends with when you’re all out shopping :). Dropping knowledge!

Wedding Nails


Nails: Chloe’s Style

Rings: Custom

Hello hello! You may be thinking that I’m doing a lot of wedding posts recently and you’re completely right…I am!!!

Our wedding day was one of the most magical, memorable, magnificent, aMazing, eMotional (see what I did there…I wanted to stick with all words that start with “M”) days of my entire life and I am so happy and grateful that I got to marry the love of my life and experience it together with our best friends, family friends, other great friends and our 2 insanely wonderful families!!!

It was a day filled with sooo much love and we were surrounded by all of those who we love so very much!! Basically marrying K was honestly the best thing I’ve ever done :)!!! Woohoo for getting married!

Back to the fashion element of my blog/fashion diary. Here are some close ups of my wedding day nails.

I got my nails done 3 days before our wedding and after reading numerous reviews found a place that looked like they did very good nail art on Yelp. I decided to try them out and trust them with making my vision for my wedding nails a reality. I found a picture on the internet, by Googling “Wedding nails”, that I liked and it served as my wedding day manicure inspiration.

A neutral nude shellac color and little crystals at the base of each nail made my hands feel a little glam & fancy. Luckily my manicure turned out beautiful and was exactly what I wanted, which makes sense because I told my nail gal exactly what I wanted and she did a wonderful job :).

The bow was a late addition to my thumb nail when I realized that this salon had so many cute gems, bows and jewels that you could put on your nails! The manicurist busted out a whole try filled with crystals and tiny nail art items so I immediately searched for something cute to put on. I think the bow really added something and it seriously was ridiculously cute in real life with it’s pearls and crystals that were feminine, pretty and quite bridal-y.

Basically it was the perfect addition!

As I was paying the owner Chloe herself told me that she didn’t charge me for the bow and said, “It’s a wedding gift, have a wonderful marriage” which was so sweet of her! That little gem was $8-10 so I got a nice little wedding gift before we even got married ;).

I will definitely be going back to Chloe’s Style for my next mani!


“I may go back and get this almost exact mani for another event” Sera

Wedding Sneak Peek!


Dress: Lazaro

Suit: Hugo Boss

Bouquet: Blush Botanicals

Photography: joie lala

Hi chic friends! Soo insanely excited to be giving you all a sneak peek of our wedding day and my wedding dress!!!!!!!!!

Finally!!! I’ve been itching to give you guys a sneak peek of my dress for almost a year now but just couldn’t do it because I wanted it to be a surprise for K, my future husband, and also wanted to surprise a majority of our family and friends as well! Basically I love surprises…

And my dress reveal didn’t disappoint! I didn’t even let some of my really good girlfriends see pics of my wedding dress which was tough (be forewarned future brides if you’re thinking of doing a dress reveal to your bridesmaids/friends/family) since once you’re engaged and have found your dress literally everyone will want to see a picture of it! Real talk: I’m not joking EVERYBODY will ask to see a pic. Strangers, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, family etc. the list goes on and on.

But now, now you can see my gown in all its glory!!!! The details on it are insane…tiny embellishments of crystals and chiffon flowers all over, a small dip in the back, a very embellished bodice with a sweetheart neckline, a beautiful perfect length not too short not crazy long train and an A-line bottom made it classic, sexy and glam! Those are 3 of my favorite words in general but especially when talking about bridal gowns ;)!

Plus it showed off my body and shape which I loved since originally I was thinking of wearing a ball gown when I first started my wedding dress hunt! This Lazaro was my dream wedding dress and I loved getting married in it to the man of my dreams on our most perfect wedding day (that I had only dreamed of before it actually happened)!!

I’ve already been thinking of how I can wear it again and have only come up with wearing it in our apartment just because ;) if you have any better ideas please let me know!

I’ll be sharing more pics once I have more, don’t worry! These are the sneak peek photos our photographers shared with me and I’m in love with them!!! Speaking of our photographers…Taryn and Shelby from joie lala are so wonderful!! I love their photography style and attention to details. They are genuinely so sweet, made us feel very comfortable in front of their cameras, are extremely talented and professional on top of it all! If you’re looking for a wedding photographer definitely check them out!

Talk soon!


“Still In Love With My Dreamy Wedding Dress” Sera

No Basic Beaches 

IMG_8906 Undies: Victoria’s Secret (these are also super cute!)

Makeup Bag: Forever 21 (old)

Greetings Chic Reader friends! Finally semi getting back into the swing of things…phew! It took me a solid week to get over my honeymoon jet lag which is basically the longest time I’ve ever been jet lagged. It’s not fun to be waking up at 4 AM every morning.

About these undies…

One of my good girlfriends got me this adorable lace trimmed peach underwear for my Bachelorette party and I’m in love :)! Not only is the saying on the derriere hilarious (I love puns so much!) but this pair of booty shorts is also super soft and comfy.

I love a pretty color combo and this mint and peach pairing is simply perfect for spring/summer! And let’s be real, nobody wants “basic” anything anyways…life’s too short ;)! #notbasic

xoxo Sera :)

Rehearsal Dinner Outfit


Dress: Alice and Olivia/ Heels: YSL (similar here)/ Bag: Tory Burch (old but similar here)/ Food: Salmon & Steak (George’s At The Cove)

Greetings Chic Readers!!! How I’ve missed you! I’m back and a married woman!!! Woohoo!! Our wedding day was literally the best day ever!!!!!! “So many exclamation marks” you might be thinking but this is really how I talk in person, and thus how I type, and I’m truly so very excited to be back to blogging and cannot wait to share all about our wedding day & honeymoon with you soon!

Apologies for not having been posting here but I decided to be semi-offline from the day before our wedding until just now! I say “semi” because if you follow me on Instagram then you know that I posted a picture of our wedding ceremony site on the morning of our wedding (I couldn’t help myself it was literally right outside of my room!) and have been sharing several pics from our AMAZING honeymoon abroad!

First things first before I get to our wedding day and honeymoon, I’m taking you back to the day before our wedding in La Jolla for our wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I decided to be non-traditional and not wear anything white to our rehearsal dinner. You may be wondering “Why not?” and here’s why:

1) I didn’t find a white dress/outfit while shopping around that I truly loved even when I was open to the idea of wearing a white or pretty cream dress/outfit


2) I was a traditional bride in some aspects as well as a not traditional bride in other aspects. Who says you can’t be both! I wasn’t that keen on wearing white from the get go because the very next day I knew that I was going to be in white the entire day (I tried on a few blush gowns but ended up going with a white gown…so there’s an example of my traditional bridal-ness).

After deciding on no white I knew exactly what I wanted to wear to our rehearsal dinner and that was this beautiful embellished little black and gold number with a back cut out by Alice and Olivia whose dresses I adore!

I snapped these pics really quickly on my way out of the hotel room before heading to our wedding rehearsal and then directly after that to our rehearsal dinner at George’s At The Cove. This restaurant is so special to K and I since it’s where we had our very first date and also where we had dinner to celebrate our engagement right after K proposed to me at the cove! It was very fitting, extremely sentimental and special to have our wedding rehearsal dinner at this same spot. The appetizers, hot bread, entrees, wines and desserts were superbly delicious as usual and we had a wonderful dinner and fun time with our families and bridal party. It was a wonderful night and everyone was getting so excited for the big day…

To be continued ;)!

 xoxo “Mrs.” Sera

The past 2 weeks!

IMG_7090IMG_7107IMG_7102IMG_7197IMG_7198IMG_7110An inside look into what the past 2 weeks of my life has consisted of!

It’s been insanely busy and eventful (that’s what happens when you’re planning a wedding, working full time and doing lots of fun things in between I guess)!

From top to bottom:

1) My wonderful mama came into town for my final wedding dress fitting (weee!!!) and to celebrate my mom, my to be mother-in-law and I had a delicious lunch at The Rotunda in Union Square complete with mimosas, lobster club sandwiches (amazing!) and their delicious chocolate chip cookies!

Fortunately I was still able to get into my dress after eating all of these things…yes we had lunch before my fitting because I intend to eat at some point during our wedding! Literally the rotunda is so beautiful, the food is delish and the service is on point! The best part of the whole day though was the company & my dress fitting perfectly ;).

2) An elephant print dress that I picked up from Forever 21 for our honeymoon/just because it’s so cute! My hot pink nails happened to match it perfectly this week. #notevenplanned

3) Went to the opening soccer match at the brand new Avaya stadium and it is legit! The San Jose Earthquakes defeated the Chicago Fire 2-1 so it was a glorious stadium unveiling. It also has the largest outdoor bar in North America…need I say more?

4) Pretty pretty blooms from my Bridal Shower!

5) Saw the Prime Minister of Bhutan speak at work which was very interesting. Tshering Tobgay is a very intelligent and funny man! Snapped this pic of him on my phone while he was checking his phone before the talk started :).

6) My favorite necklace of the moment with our wedding date in Roman numerals. A sweet present from my to be sister-in-law! Check out BootsandArrows on Etsy because this customizable gold bar necklace is perfection and I’m obsessed with it!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

xoxo Sera :)