Turquoise Statement


Dress: Target (old)/ Necklace: Forever 21 (old)/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Shoes: Aldo

     Keeping it simple today on Dress Chic For Me today! A strapless silky maxi dress with a fun print and even more fun ruffles on the bottom which make me wanna twirl and dance (see 4th pic from top)! Even just walking in this dress is so much fun because the bottom has lots of movement and almost looks like liquid silk every step I take! Pair a bold print maxi dress with a colored statement necklace and you have a great outfit for either day or night!

xoxo Sera :)

La Vie Bohème


Top: Forever 21/ Pants: Little Boutique in Santa Barbara (can’t remember the name!)/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Necklaces: Blackmail, J.Crew/ Shoes: Aldo/ Bag: J.Crew/ Bracelet: Lydell/ Rings: TomTom, Custom/ Lips: MAC ‘Girl About Town’

    I’m really really into white pants as of late…très chic no? And there you have your daily dose of French words for the day :)!

Vacation Mode


Dress, Hat: Forever 21/ Necklaces: House of Harlow, J.Crew/ Cuff: House of Harlow/ Sunglasses: Celine/ Bag: Cynthia Rowley/ Wedges: Aldo/ Lips: Tarte

     If this outfit doesn’t scream vacation then I don’t know what does! My best girlfriends got me this maxi dress several years ago for one of my birthdays when we were still in college…even back then they knew my style spot on! I love the plunging neckline, the colorful print and how boho chic it is…plus if you’ve been reading Dress Chic For Me, and/or know me in real life, you probably are familiar with the fact that I love an interesting/sexy back design so obviously I love the back of this dress!

xoxo Sera :)

Vintage Lace




Shirt: Forever 21 / Pants, Necklace, Phone Case: J.Crew

     This lace shirt is so pretty in person! My mom found it while we were shopping in Forever21 like 2 years ago (?) and at first glance I thought it was cute but wasn’t in love with it. That changed once I put it on! If you don’t know my mom has impeccable taste so needless to say I love to go shopping with her! Anywhoo back to this top it looks like vintage lace, is quite versatile and is a really pretty cream color (not yellow whatsoever as it looks in my 2nd pic…love that golden hour but not when indoors!). A combo of white and/or cream and gold is so chic and very spring-y/summery. I dig a lace top paired with a cute pair of jeans all day everyday!

xoxo Sera :)


IMG_2669.JPGWall Art: Francesca’s

     I’m slowly building up an arsenal of wall art so I can make my little office area really decorative and cute! On this Inspired Wednesday I’m sharing my latest find. Literally I love this sign because it’s so true! Getting deep here: in life you don’t choose where you’re born, what sex you are, what ethnicity/color you are or who your family is…yet you can choose to be happy. There are certain things in life that are in your control and fortunately happiness happens to be one of them! There are people with all the money in the world yet are unhappy and on the flip side there are people living in poverty who have nothing but are happy.

     If you: live in a country where you are free to live the life you choose, are healthy and have the basic necessities of a roof over your head, food at every meal and not a basic necessity but a wonderful thing to have which is a family (or even 1 person) who loves you than you should feel very lucky and fortunate. You are blessed! There are millions of people who do not have some or any of these things and yet find a way to be happy about their lives.

     So, long story short CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY! It will make everyone and everything around you more pleasant but most importantly it will make you feel great! Plus it’s much better to have a happy sunny disposition and outlook on life than a bland or gloomy one. Because who wants to be around Eeyore (from Winnie-the-Pooh for those of you thinking WTF is “Eeyore”) all the time (although he’s cute he’s so gloomy)? Nobody (not even his best friend Winnie)!

     Choose to live your life Happily and spread Love and Happiness to everyone around you! 

xoxo Sera :)


Stripes & Studs


Top, Pants: J.Crew/ Bag: MMS/ Sunglasses, Shoes: Zara (old)/ Lips: MAC/ Rings: Custom

   Stripes + White Pants + Neon Pink Lips + A Semi-Messy Pony + Studs + More Stripes = A Winning Combo!



 Top: Forever 21/ Jeans, Purse, Belt: J.Crew/ Heels: Valentino/ Necklaces: Haute Bride, World Market, Blackmail/ Bracelets: J.Crew, Lydell/ Sunglasses: Tory Burch/ Lips: Cover Girl

     Recently I’ve been really into this vibrant coral…it’s perfect for summer and makes you look tan! I wore this outfit out on a date night recently and it was a hit! Wishing all of you beautiful people a wonderful weekend :)!

xoxo Sera