Today Was A Fairytale

IMG_7472White Dress PhotoIMG_7471

Dress: For Love & Lemons

Happy ‘Inspired Wednesday’ Chic Readers! Eeeeeekkkk I’m getting sooo very excited to share some of our Engagement photos with you all soon which were shot by the lovely Brittany Bowen!

You have to check out her beautiful photos here:  because they’re so wonderful!!! Seriously go check her out now!

She is an amazingly talented photographer and this dress was just too good not to get a few solo shots of during our shoot. Kevin totally understood and was on board with it too…man do I have the best fiancé ever :)!

I kicked off my Valentino Rockstud peep toe heels and got on the base of this huge column barefoot…totally appropriate with the look & vibe of this dress don’t you think?!

So I love the angles of these shots and how Brittany was able to capture the lush greenery with the towering height of the columns…it felt kind of like a fairytale! An enchanted garden of sorts.

The whole shoot was super fun and awesome, filled with lots of love and laughter but I’ll talk more about that once I reveal my fave shots from our Engagement shoot (let’s be real I need a whole post dedicated to just those)!!

Cannot wait!!!! I’m just a little bit excited can you tell?! ;)

xoxo Sera :)

Leather Weather


Dress: Forever21/ Jacket: Rick Owens (old, but love this one)/ Bag: Chanel/ Sunglasses: Prada/ Heels: YSL/ Lips: MAC

Woooo!!! Monday Funday right?! I’m super excited because after being sick/under the weather for the past week I finally feel better! When you’re not feeling good it’s the worst, that’s why you must take care of yourself because you don’t have much without your health. #truth right?!

 Anyways…I’m super excited because this “Leather Weather” post is basically my first official Fall post/outfit!

This dress is a kind of cutesy black and white striped little number with a bow on the front (which is my favorite part of it!) but paired with a cool black leather jacket and black high heels it’s transformed into an edgier look which I love!

Who’s ready for Fall?!

xoxo Sera :)

Tangerine Dream


 Top: BCBG (old)/ Bandeau: Nordstrom/ Jeans, Bag: J.Crew/ Necklace: Gift from a friend/ Sunglasses: Tory Burch/ Shoes: Rainbows

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)! Although I’m ready for Fall, I’m already missing being tan and being able to wear sleeveless tops and dresses out and about…especially at night. The weather here is definitely cooling down which is helping me transition into my fall clothing/wardrobe but I’m still kind of in summer mode fashion wise!

I think this is because I’m going to miss wearing colors like these! The color of this silk top is a “Tangerine Dream” to me and I love the pop of turquoise from this beautiful statement necklace as a contrast color!

But it’s good to switch it up each season so cheers to rich, deep, darker colors and jewel tones this Fall ;)!

xoxo Sera

Skydiving Adventure

IMG_4024IMG_4056 IMG_4168 IMG_4078 IMG_4086IMG_4095 IMG_4116IMG_4111 IMG_4123 IMG_4178

Yoga Pants: Zella/ Sports Bra: Champion/ Tank: T by Alexander Wang (similar here)/ Shoes: Asics

The title of this post says it all! On this wonderful “Inspired Wednesday” I’m telling you all about our recent skydiving adventure!!! It was crazy!!!

Fashion wise I opted for basically a yoga outfit because they said to dress comfortably and wear sneakers or running shoes. This is definitely the most sporty look I’ve ever shown you guys of me on the blog!

So for Kevin’s birthday I wanted to surprise him with a fun activity. He had already been skydiving once before on his 21st birthday in San Diego, so I thought “It’ll be great we can skydive together in Northern California!”

And skydived we did!

I kept it a secret the entire time, from when I made the reservation to the day of, literally the only reason he guessed what we were doing is because he was navigating while I drove and saw that we were going to an airport via Google Maps (just 5 minutes shy of when we actually arrived at the airport hanger!).

Surprise kept: check!

He was super excited, and I was super excited but also nervous because technically you’re going out of your way to put yourself in danger when you choose to skydive or do almost any high adrenaline inducing activity.

I did my research before (of course) and found that skydiving is pretty safe, but there are always risks hence why I was nervous!

My instructor was awesome and made me feel at ease and before we knew it we were in a tiny plane, just Kev and I and 8 professional skydivers who were doing an airshow in Monterey. So 6 of them jumped out of the plane which left just Kevin and I and our instructors who we would be jumping with.

And then there were 2 (well technically 4).

The plane kept going higher and higher. I should mention I decided if I was going to skydive I was going to do it big because realistically when else am I going to do this?! And for Kevin’s 2nd time I wanted it to be even more memorable than his first time so I found the World’s Highest Tandem Jump (just to be clear that’s the highest in the whole world!) and we jumped out of a plane at 18,000 feet and had 90 seconds of free fall!!! 

To give you all who aren’t familiar with skydiving some perspective in a normal tandem sky dive one may jump out of a plane anywhere from 10,000-15,000 feet and have 30-70 seconds of free fall. So ours was insane!

As my instructor told me to squat walk to the opening to prepare to do our jump I didn’t look down as I was on the edge of the plane…I think if I had looked down I would have tried to back out and/or been really freaked out. But I kept my vision straight forward and before I knew it we were free falling!!

Boom just like that it was happening!

It was a really different feeling not like one I’ve ever felt before. I felt calm, at peace and excited at the same time and had a great time looking all around me…the ocean views were so beautiful and the entire world beneath you looks fake!

My instructor started spinning us in circles which was fun but made me a little dizzy. The free fall didn’t go by that quickly, I feel like I really got to enjoy the experience without it disappearing in the blink of an eye. And then my instructor finally pulled the parachute and we chatted a bit on the way down to our landing back on solid ground.

When we did Kevin, who had jumped and landed before me, ran over to me and we hugged and kissed because we were so happy to have just survived skydiving together! It was a definitely a first for us as fiancées ;)!! 

I was so excited and stoked but also a little bit disoriented when I landed. You definitely have to take a breather and recuperate a bit to process what you just did and what just happened!

To me it felt like a dream, like it might have not actually happened…but it definitely did!

If you like an adrenaline rush I highly recommend skydiving!!! It’s a great once in a lifetime thing to try, or if your like our instructors you may get hooked and become a professional skydiver! Some skydive up to 8 times a day and were saying, “Even that’s not enough!” Cray.

Once was enough for me though because it was awesome and now I can cross it off my bucket list :)!

xoxo Sera :)

Leopard Love


 Dress: Zara/ Bikini: Victoria’s Secret (Top: similar here)/ Sunglasses: Tory Burch

I promised a “Part Deux” Pamukkale and here it is! It was hot hot hot in Turkey so I wore a blue maxi dress for the fist leg of our walk/hike up Pamukkale (see yesterday’s post) and then once we got to the top was able to change into my bathing suit and threw on my cheetah heart print flow-y swing dress from Zara as a cover up.

I love this leopard  bikini top, with cut out details, from Victoria’s Secret and paired it with a black bikini bottom with string details also from V.S.

It was a super windy day so I threw my hair up into a ponytail to keep it out of my face so I could enjoy the gorgeous views on the walk back down (while stopping to sit in several of the pools)! The water was warm and I literally could have lounged in pool after pool all day :)!

If you want to see more pictures and/or read more about Pamukkale the Wikipedia page is quite good…see here.

xoxo Sera :)

Cotton Castle


Dress: Nordstrom/ Sunglasses: Tory Burch/ Bag: Target

Pamukkale is one of my most favorite natural wonders in the whole world!!! Pamukkale actually means “Cotton Castle” in Turkish (appropriately named don’t you think?!). I had visited once when I was about 10 years old but hadn’t been back since and am so happy that we decided to visit once again on this trip (per my request)!

I remember it being fun and awesome but honestly it’s even better as an “adult” than what I remember all those years ago!

The sheer beauty of this white cloud dream land with beautiful aquamarine colored hot spring water is breathtaking and even better in person than in pictures. Yes it makes for great photo ops but honestly just walking up (and down) on the hardened carbonate and putting your legs/whole body in various travertine terraces filled with warm mineral water is definitely something unique to experience!

People have been bathing in these hot springs for thousands of years which totally makes sense once you’ve done so because they’re wonderful! There’s even an ancient city called the Hierapolis right next to Pamukkale.

There’s a legend that claims the mud and hot spring water will make you beautiful and some people also believe that the mineral rich waters can help cure many ailments.

Pamukkale is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a beautiful extremely unique place that I highly recommend seeing if you visit Turkey!

xoxo Sera :)

p.s. Tomorrow’s post is going to be a “Part Deux” of Pamukkale with more photos of the actual travertine terrace pools! Get ready :)!

Exploring Istanbul


 Top: Forever 21/ Jeans, Bag: J.Crew/ Sunglasses: Tory Burch/ Sandals: Rainbows

Oh you know still sharing some of my outfits that I wore while traveling in Turkey a few weeks ago :). This tunic is so comfortable and great for warm weather because it’s light and airy! Paired with my favorite jeans, that I usually roll up for a casual look, and some neutral and gold accessories…simple but stylish for exploring Istanbul from morning to evening!