Dress: J.Crew

Heels: Valentino

Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Clutch: Target

And back to it! Kicking off this week with the outfit I wore to Kevin’s birthday surprise dinner date that I planned :).

 These beauties are making their first appearance on Dress Chic For Me tonight and I’m in love!!!

I’ve had my eyes on this style of Rockstud (the extra ankle strap ones) for a while now but haven’t committed since I really liked several color/style combinations but wasn’t in love. But have totally been tempted…

Then I saw this new color which appears to be a real metallic gold gold online but in person is so much more!

The color is actually a mixture of rose gold, taupe and silver metallic with gold pyramid studs. It’s basically the best metallic, neutral, will go with anything and everything in your wardrobe, color.  I knew these were the ones I had been waiting for! Patience is a virtue :).

Heel height wise I opted for the kitten heel because they’re more comfortable! Although I do love beautiful high heels comfort is becoming more and more crucial to me and this height is perfect for dressing up or dressing a bit more casual as well.

Also, I adore this summer dress from J.Crew that has a slightly vintage feel (thanks to the print but primarily because of the hemline). The details are too good! It has a rose gold zipper that goes half way down the front, a pretty metallic gold outlined leafy print and POCKETS!!!

I love a feminine chic dress with pockets done right :)!!

xoxo “Wishing you all a wonderful week & coming weekend filled with at least one pretty summer dress” Sera

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Birthday Celebrations!

IMG_0864Sun setting at Avaya Stadium

IMG_0971Birthday Dinner for my love at Forbes Mill Steakhouse 


LA Galaxy vs. San Jose Earthquakes Game…rival teams ;). Sunglasses: Nordstrom

IMG_0840Miss Paris all dressed up!

IMG_0913The smallest red cups

IMG_0973The best pot de creme I’ve ever had…salted caramel layer on top!

IMG_0883Fam BBQ for Kevin’s birthday!

IMG_0844My purple and white nail art mani

IMG_0881Both of those smiles :)!

IMG_0904Special cake with some of K’s favorite things

This weekend was filled with so much fun since it was my amazing husband’s birthday (first time ever saying that sentence, woohooo!)!!!!! He’s literally the best and deserves to be celebrated all the time!!

So of course we celebrated all weekend ;)! We went to a soccer game, had a pool party and bbq with family, ate lots of delicious food, drank good drinks, relaxed, got dressed up for a special birthday dinner date night that I planned for him, walked to coffee & breakfast two days in a row, tried a new amazing steakhouse and talked and laughed a lot!!! It was wonderful!!

Hope you all had amazing weekends as well celebrating and doing fun things even if it wasn’t anyone’s birthday ;)!

xoxo “Nothing beats a perfect fun-filled weekend!” Sera

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Puppy Love


Dress, Booties: Rag & Bone

Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. 

Sunglasses: Chanel (similar here)

Hat: Anthropologie (love this one too)

Lips: MAC ‘Russian Red’

Hi Chic Readers! On this “Inspired Wednesday” keeping it simple with a happy “National Dog Day” to you and yours ;)! There’s literally a day to celebrate everything but this is one that I totally support! Bc duh I LOVE dogs and want one sooo badly…but all in good time :)!

Since Kevin and I don’t have our own pup yet I’m dedicating this post/day to my puppy Niece Penny, who is the most beautiful & loving golden retriever in the world (not biased at all, ha!)!

Here’s a little rendition of the infamous Snow White scene that I made for miss Penny because she’s that special…

Me: “Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest pup of all?”

Magic Mirror: “Tongue red as the rose. Paws black as ebony. Fur white as snow.”

Me: “Penny!!!”

xoxo “Yes I’m going to be a crazy dog mom, I’m already a crazy dog aunt and I’m ok with it ;)” Sera

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To Infinity & Beyond!

DSC_0308DSC_0295DSC_0288DSC_0291Dress, Sunglasses: Nordstrom (similar dress here & love these sunnies)

Happy new week everyone! Our honeymoon was really go go go so at the end of it we finally got a chance to really relax in the South of Thailand. We chose a beautiful island called Koh Samui that isn’t as crowded with tourists as Phuket to finish off our honeymoon!

It was so romantic and relaxing!!!

We had a private villa with a large and amazingly beautiful infinity pool. The views were so stunning and Kevin and I really tried to take advantage of swimming and enjoying sunsets from the comfort of our own private pool for the 4 days we were there! I went swimming in the morning, afternoon and evening (and sometimes more than once in the afternoon) :)! I was in heaven!!!

I’m a Pisces and a total fish!!! I can’t get enough of water, sun and sand!! #mermaidlife was real on this part of our honeymoon and I loved every second of it!

Standing on the edge of our  pool and then just having this vast beautiful ocean with various shades of blue was the best backdrop ever and literally left me wondering on multiple occasions, “Is this real life?!” It was simply breathtaking!!!

xoxo “I wish I had this view permanently!” Sera

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Muscles & Mascara


 Choker: J.Crew (also love this one)

Tank: Target 

This tank top is the jam since these are 2 very important things to me! Muscles = being toned & fit, which is the best thing ever! Working out is not only great for your body but also for your mind.

I play tennis once a week, run on the treadmill, elliptical, bike around work when possible, jump rope, lift weights and love walking anywhere and everywhere. Personally I love to see my arms gain muscle…not bulky big muscles but very toned attractive muscles (like when I flex and there’s a nice little bump I get excited)! I think seeing progress in my arms motivates me since I’m a soccer player so my legs have always been strong and can keep muscle quite easily.

As for mascara, it’s the one thing makeup-wise that I put on almost every day. Today I didn’t wear any makeup to work and it was great! But long dark lashes are always in style and mascara just makes your eyes pop in the best way possible. It’s usually my one beauty necessity!

Let’s be real though, on the weekends when I’m feeling lazy or any day that I don’t feel like putting on any makeup I don’t! It’s good to give your eyes a break every once in a while ;).

xoxo “This muscle tank just gets me” Sera

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1989 World Tour



Top, Cardigan: Forever 21

Lips: MAC ‘Red’

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and although it may be coming to a close, since it is Sunday night, I’m still in a crazy dance mood which is all because of T.Swift!!!

I saw her in concert on Friday night on her 1989 World Tour and it was amazing!!!!! She played to a sold out arena of 55,000 and then did the same thing the following night for another sold out crowd of 55,000. #sopopular

Seriously if you have not seen her in concert yet GO!! You will not regret it because she puts on a thoroughly entertaining, fun, awesome and high tech show which will leave you feeling so very happy and want to ‘Shake It Off” for several days after experiencing her concert.

One of my besties and I were lucky enough to see her and we both left feeling exhilarated!! I’m not even hyping the concert up, it was THAT GOOD!!! I mean I was already a big Taylor fan before but this concert made me an even bigger one! She’s so genuine, composed, beautiful, funny and cute in real life! Looks wise she seriously could be a model…

Most importantly though is that she is extremely talented and a real performer who truly looovvesss her fans and they love her right back…seriously so much screaming happened all around us during her show (we also contributed obvs)!

Her voice in person is great, she plays several instruments and has really fun & sparkly (so many sparkles!) but classy and appropriate outfits throughout the entire show!! There may or may not be a light up dress involved…game changer! I always pay close attention to the fashion & outfits during a concert ;) not a surprise to you I’m sure, haha.

Plus the tech side of the show is insane! She had a long catwalk that inclined and then rotated above the audience on the ground level’s heads. And for my favorite part, each concert goer receives a light up LED bracelet (looks like a fit bit) and throughout the entire concert it lights up in various colors at different times to the beat of the music. For example when she sings “Hey!” in Bad Blood (which happens often) your bracelet lights up! It’s seriously so innovative and nifty! Why don’t all singers/bands hand these things out before a concert?!

It really enhances the concert going experience, no joke. It’s breathtaking & oh so cool to see the whole arena light up in different colors, or the same color, and to the beat of the song at the same or various times depending on which song she was singing.

tl;dr ? The takeaway of this post is that Taylor Swift is amazing live (and in general) and puts on a thoroughly entertaining and fun show that will leave you breathless and not with a nasty scar ;)

^^^ You will only get that last line if you’re a true Swiftie :)!

xoxo “T. Swift fan-girl” Sera

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